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    Army Ants

    When were trapjaw ants confirmed to be playable? We will be able to place down their units in some side missions as gene thief ants but not as actual trap jaw ant colony.
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    Creatures tier list

    Firstly put the difficulty on the lowest possible, and I also recomend you put it on constant. For more of a challenge with this setting try it with fog of war or attack waves. The reason you want to do this on constant is that the difficulty will not change. And the difficulty seems to solely...
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    queen kill insane 3.1

    You need to be applauded for this. How did 50 media and 7 majors manage to get past the enemy's crazy flow of level 3 majors and media? They have a swarm of ants by the entrance when you enter their base right?
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    Slave maker ants

    you have to select the formicarium you want to load.
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    Wood ant lag

    Hopefully there will be improvements to the wood ant lag when they fight enemies in mass like hermit crabs, alongside the other optimizations. If its the projectiles themselves causing lag maybe a graphical option to disable whatever part of the projectile is cauing lag, or if it has to do with...
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    Other species

    Good idea for side missions. Not sure if you're aware but there's an acradey secret level where you can play as a wolf spider, it appears on full moons I believe.
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    How far can you go in free play with waves

    That's really crazy
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    Two Interesting Freeplay Setups

    Try this out: -Attack waves -Lowest difficulty -Constant -Only landmarks poppy, fish
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    weaver ants

    Because it's not easy to just add ants.... thats why they're not currently adding them. It takes lots of time and effort for a single ant species, and I'm not sure weaver ants are too high on the priority list. But I agree, weaver ants would be cool in the game, you make a good point.
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    My Favorite Ant (as a suggestion)

    Haha, yeah, you definetly haven't completed the game.
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    June 2019 Newsletter - Next Ants

    They're probably going to be in some sort of rainforest, they said solenopsis, I believe, which is native to South America.
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    June 2019 Newsletter - Next Ants

    Yes! Looking forward to optimization, I can finally complete 2.1 on insane!
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    Nest Group Nursery Type Priority Options?

    It could be in order of which ant dies first?
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    Sugestion for upgraded ants

    One of the benefits of upgrading ants rather than building more is it is usually going to enable you to save more food from respawns, as each ant that dies is more effective. Increasing the price of the respawn would likely just make upgrading ants less viable.
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    Suggestion for a fruit garden level

    Are you sure fruit weevil beetles are in the game?