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    Preparations For Potential Multiplayer

    There doesn't need to be balance in free play, since the player can choose what his opponents are. If he wants to go up against an ereptor colony with black ants, he can do that, knowing the risks, or not. No one is forcing him to fight an unbalanced battle. If he wanted to fight a balanced...
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    The Other Foot Enemy Queen Nuked

    I think adding another queen ability isn't necessary for hard. I don't know if this is the case for anyone else, but I had to cheaply use the queen ability's free respawning of ants to win the final wave on hard. I had to place down army ant major tiles as I got the food to build them, without...
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    Preparations For Potential Multiplayer

    I think it would be a good thing to separate ereptors and non ereptors. Rather than put limits, just have two multiplayer game modes if any. A "royal showdown" game mode with two ereptor colonies. Either player would get a certain amount of jelly at the beginning to chose their units/upgrades...
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    Formicarium Trapjaws (and others!) - I've Finally Done It!

    Maybe a couple months after the fire ant update comes out, it would be great to see a sequel extra level to the Other Foot, where the counterpart colony faces whatever trial there is in formicarium challenge 4.
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    Extremis Insane Win Post balance changes

    Thanks, I appreciate it, and I'm glad they were helpful. I'm for sure going to make more in the future.
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    Extremis Insane Win Post balance changes

    Well this is definitely beatable now.
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    Small Army Ants are not Worth it

    Nice, how were you able to deal with the army ants and then the following mantis and whip spiders? edit: did you upgrade any ants at all?
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    Marauder ants, they are so polymorphic!

    Carebara super majors reach up to 15 mm, while Atta soldiers reach up to 14 mm in length. So it is only 1 mm difference, but on average, they are the same size. From what I know, Carebara super majors are primarily there to harvest larger pieces of prey that they can tear off with bigger jaws...
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    Screenshot Saturday - Solenopsis invicta, the Red Imported Fire Ant

    That's incredible! She really is tiny... "beware the wolf spider" could never be truer.
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    Quick Freeplay Set up Bug

    This bug occurs in freeplay set up. Basically, whenever I go into the advanced set up screen and change the difficulty, it doesn't update after I click "accept" and go back to the simplified set up screen. It's easily fixed; all I have to do is change the difficulty back to what I wanted it to...
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    [Feedback] 0.213 The Other Foot Medium, opponent colony feels very weak compared to the attack waves

    Same thing happened to me. All that is needed is a bit of time to gather food and build majors... I think that the other foot on hard might still be possible though, if you get part of your army behind where the scientist drops the insects to split them up (perhaps build two trap jaw chambers of...
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    Extremis Insane Balance

    Has anyone been able to get considerably far in this level (like wave 20 or more)? It might need a bit of nerfing on insane.. I'm able to get to around wave 11, but at that point, I'm no longer expanding my colony, just fighting wave after wave. For example, by the time the hermit crabs reach...
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    Formicarium Trapjaws (and others!) - I've Finally Done It!

    Since army ant media/majors and slave makers are in the Other Foot, and since that level is already in the game, have you tried copying and pasting their code as well in the same way you did with the extremis units to make them buildable?
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    Finally Aggrandise Insane Victory!

    I made a steam guide for extra levels on insane, if you're interested....
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    Hungry Spider

    The easiest way to play it for sure is just to set your computer time to October 31, 2019. Also, it appears as a spider web on the shelves in the menu screen lab.