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    [Suggestion] Suggestion about queen mobility

    If instead of upgrading the tiles make a overall upgrade to the queen strength. With this i mean make a special upgrade optinon to the queen and is workertiles,like Have 3 different levels: 1º: the normal queen has we know it but with egg laying colldown(2sec.s or 1,5 sec.s) and less health...
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    [Bug]0.2111 Babysitting food bodies bug

    I have the option "resorces info" on and it not show up. My ant cannot even pick the food of the bodies. I dont know if this is appening in other levels.
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    [Question] Is underground cursor light bending the tiles near it?

    Or that realy appens or is just an optical illusion because of the shadows (And thanks to make my eyes seen it and cant unnsee it)
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    baby sitting level restart glitch

    The buttuon Retrun to the formicarium shuoldnt be restarlevel or return to the main menu? because the button do not work.i need to restart the game to play the level again.
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    [Suggestion] More frame rate lock options

    the diference is that the vsync option could cause more stuter but u dont will have tearing, if u have unlimited u can have tearing(unles u have free/G/fast sync)
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    For some reason, I can't get to the new update.

    this beta only work on steam i tink and u need to activate it. in properties go to betas and put the code christmasants. (the picture is in portuguese but i tink u get it.)
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    when this ability is on the aura only affectes nearby majors or it will apli to other ants like black ants soldiers?
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    Major stuck

    I was playing the 3.2 normaly untill i found this this major stuck and just spins.(i have the feeling that i will see alot of thes in the beta of the next update).
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    Best Ant friends

    nice photos i remenber that i haved the 2 queens on my nest . fun times xD fun fact: the real queen of the colonies never leave the nest.
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    Challenge 3

    I higthly suggest get more rapid fire ants and major your army have alot of black ants.
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    No more larvas?

    One thing u could try is to put the workers in a feromone and place the feromone in the tiles, if the worker is not glitchd he will pick an egg and place somewhere near the feromon. I used this to force my ants to spaw more worker when i m playing on insane difficultys. It realy help a lot.
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    Challenge 3

    Wat difficulty are u playing.Try to beat the game in medium or easy. And see if your ants are upgraded and the max number of ants u can use.
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    Alpha Demo levels

    Surrounded and Hould out are endlles, u cant finnish the levels.
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    Zombie Mode

    Perfect halloween mode.