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    Screenshot Saturday - AI Freeplay vs AI Freeplay!

    WAT IS MY COLONY SAVE DOING THERE!! YOU STOLE MY SAVE!!! (u can use it for watever u want :´))
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    [Bug] 0.2131 zero workers on start of freeplay

    i create a save in freeplay and close it without saving and it reloaded like this. i tried to recreat the bug but it dont work.
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    [Bug/Crash] Opening my 2º formicarium save make the game crash.

    thank you very much! Now can open the save :D
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    [Bug/Crash] Opening my 2º formicarium save make the game crash.

    Have some progress been done. I am asking this because i dont want to lost my save and if there is someting that i can do tell me pls.
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    Screenshot Saturday - Solenopsis invicta, the Red Imported Fire Ant

    Uhm this queen have less health because of her size????? ITS BEAUTIFULL!!!!!!!
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    [Bug/Crash] Opening my 2º formicarium save make the game crash.

    I have already send an email with the save and the crash log to But i want to know if this happen to someone here. I cant literaly open my save and its only that save. But i can use the colony in freeplay. Do someone know wat is happening here????
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    Formicarium Trapjaws (and others!) - I've Finally Done It!

    We could say that EotU has now MODS xD
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    Free Play auto-save

    it written in the title. a reason why i am suggestin this is because i was playing in towhead for 2hours and the game just crash and now i have to restart all overagain. the feture could be added with times choices like every 10/7/2/5 min.
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    Queen moving animation

    Thats a glitch that can happen, The fusca and rufa queens have both walk animation but sometimes the walk animation dont work.
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    [Just wrong text] freeplay septup

    the messenge says WOOD ANT COLONY uhm it shouldnt be Leafcutter colony?
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    [Bug???] ants ""stuck"" in the entrace of the nest

    can someone tell me if this is a bug or not, because this media is ""stuck"" in the entrace but some time later i came to check and it was no longer there. (it happens with one of my workers to)(this happens to mi in 3.2) if this is a bug pls makeit a feature because it is similar like a guard...
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    Is this the aura effect?

    Can someone tell me wat this mean and wat it does? Is it the aura effect of the majors?
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    [Suggestion] Suggestion about queen mobility

    If instead of upgrading the tiles make a overall upgrade to the queen strength. With this i mean make a special upgrade optinon to the queen and is workertiles,like Have 3 different levels: 1º: the normal queen has we know it but with egg laying colldown(2sec.s or 1,5 sec.s) and less health...
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    [Bug]0.2111 Babysitting food bodies bug

    I have the option "resorces info" on and it not show up. My ant cannot even pick the food of the bodies. I dont know if this is appening in other levels.