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    What type of ants will be add later in the game ?

    idk but I hope trap jaws are next so the big titan beetle won't wont be a problem if they add it also the hermit crabs would stand no chance and maybe later for the 5 tier levels I would like driver ants also known as Dorylus to be in cuz they are insanely cool
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    Will there ever be a album for EoTU's soundtrack?

    I love the music in this game so could you put it on Itunes and maybe you guys could get some funds for your project through since the music is great
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    The Leafcutter Update - Coming April 25th!

    do you guys wanna put a beta build that can allow some players to use the leafcutters and the other bugs for the battle arena mode so we can test strategies against the mantis and army ants it will also build up so more hype before the big update
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    Will idle ants walk through refuse chambers?

    i think that would be the best also it would save some Fps also i bet people are going to make noice screenshots of em
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    Hi im from *insert country here* my user name is KillerShep18 and my other name is Skye

    i like ants and video games so when slug disco put em together i just had to play EoTU as its now one my favorite games iv ever played i'll have you now i have 42 steam games