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    Victory Condition Unbalanced + Suggestions

    Right now the victory condition, "Grow and Upgrade your Colony" is unbalanced. This condition really does not allow for further progression and cannot be achieved. This also feels very basic for how much weight it carries, since I could only get so far before massive creatures started to spawn...
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    Quick Fix to Wood Ant Tanks

    I think we must also keep in mind how overpowered this species is already. There's more than enough posts on this forum about it, in particular the rapid fire ones.
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    Aphid Farm Landmark feels Wimpy

    At the moment the only reliable sources of food towards the end of Freeplay are Uber creatures and aphid farms. The other landmarks, like the fish and seed plant, simply do not give enough food constantly. Unfortunately, the aphid farms also don't reap the benefits seen in 2.2. They are too...
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    New Map Missing Music

    Are saying as in the next patch? I have noticed no difference. Sorry for bugging you!
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    [Bug] 0.211 Babysitting level funnel web spiders sometimes don't kill their prey

    I have come across this in Freeplay as well.
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    Balance for Babysitting?

    The main problem I have is that everything happens all too quickly, leaving me with no time to build up food supplies and/or build more ants.
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    I noticed Jeff Nevington released the formicarium music on SoundCloud

    I would love to listen to the Rainforest Nighttime combat. I love how absolutely CRAZY it gets! All too bad they don't have it.
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    Balance for Babysitting?

    I have also noticed that if you attack something, they will assist you. I figured this out by clicking, "Play More" and attempting to kill the hidden Uber Crab. They came right over to help!
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    [Question] How to Import a File to freeplay?

    More like being excessive.
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    Allied Colony Does Not Collect Starting Food

    Upon further investigation, this is linked to other problems I have been having. The allied colony has its markers on timers, leading to it not collecting the resources it needs.
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    Allied Colony Does Not Collect Starting Food

    The food chamber has a cave where there is food right next to it. For some reason the ants do not collect the food.
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    New Map Missing Music

    The music theme is Beach, not Rainforest. Just something I noticed!
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    Balance for Babysitting?

    I just now completed it on Medium. I think the trick here is to stay by the other player's base to respond to attacks better. By the way Slug Disco, this level is FUN!
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    Balance for Babysitting?

    Easy, but I am working on Medium.