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    Hours Played

    I pretty much use hotkeys for every thing at this point and I have a build order for every level and every species in Freeplay.
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    Hours Played

    550 hours here.
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    Screenshot Saturday - Building a Bridge

    Looks like it's coming along nicely. This definitely will make for some interesting situations in the upcoming levels.
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    The future of the black ants

    Most likely not. Fire ants are going to be very disposable compared to the other species. Their special abilities revolve around them dying repeatedly. Black ants, on the other hand, are very well rounded melee soldiers necessary for early, mid and late game as front line units.
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    Screenshot Saturday - AI Freeplay vs AI Freeplay!

    This will single handedly make Freeplay fun for me. The possibilities are extreme with this. You could have so many challenges made with this and test your Formicarium colonies to see which is more effective. I personally will be challenging myself to master all of the species. I also wanted...
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    [Feedback] 0.2131 Babysitting Mission: Tiger beetle group near player nest might be a little too close?

    That's some really bad rng right there. I have never had that happen to me. On a side note, what do you intend to do with all of those workers? I curious to know what strategy you have in mind.
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    Option to delete Queen Tiles

    And the option to upgrade them, don't forget! Or maybe just make the nest slightly more efficient in general by adding in some speed tiles instead.
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    Option to delete Queen Tiles

    Exactly. You are trading that for more space. If this is a problem, the queen could be able to "summon" a last worker with lvl 1 stats.
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    Option to delete Queen Tiles

    Instead of the previous suggestions of upgrading/expanding the Queen's chamber, I propose the opposite: deleting them. Not only do you get to squeeze an extra chamber in your nest, you also get to upgrade it. For balance purposes, I think there should be rules: No "last chance" worker anymore...
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    Ant Analysis: Wood Ant Melees

    The Wood ant Melee seem to be a late game unit, similar to the media of Leafcutters to save space. Both are too expensive for their combat power and are easily replaced by their cheaper worker counterparts. Unless changes are made, it seems that both are a hindrance to the player that uses them.
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    (Bug) Reloading after last save (without saving at all) goes to Gene Thief.

    I made a post about this awhile ago. Except it happened on Towhead for me. The Red Ereptor queen is actually what fills in as a placeholder for these maps before you start.
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    New Ability

    In a way, this forces players to be better at planning, and consequently better at finding the best way to do so.
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    The Friendly Spider

    I want a spider now! I haven't encountered this glitch yet so I will try and replicate it.
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    Leafcutter balance feedback and suggestions

    This is quiet apparent in Freeplay with waves as well. If you use media for attacking power, you most certainly will fail. As of right now, I consider them a late game addition to the colony.
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    Screenshot Saturday - Titan Climbing

    Excellent progress!