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    [Suggestion] 0.2131 Smoother tiger beetle larva spawn

    My computer is bad so I've seen this before. One easy fix is letting them spawn in when you aren't looking, like landmarks in freeplay.
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    Why do we have no wood & black ant workers in the Battle arena. Aswell some other creatures.

    Yes, add mole cricket, slavemaker soldier and funnelweb spider too while we're at it.
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    Implementation of Messor Barbarus (Harvester Ants)

    All species for the rest of early access have been planned, given stats and in model-making stage. If they are in the game, you will know soon. They have stated that their species-choosing policy is quality over quantity. They want species that provide something unique to the game, so if you can...
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    Screenshot Saturday - AI Freeplay vs AI Freeplay!

    Only 4 nest locations on the map so it should be 3 enemy colonies maximum. It's kinda amusing that the dev use crash report save files for testing.
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    New Ability

    It seems that not many people read the FAQ post. They briefly answer it there. Or do you mean an in-depth mechanic post?
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    Just Checking In

    Is there any idea for scrapped creatures to be used for free play and side missions, when the main story is done?
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    Screenshot Saturday - Fire Ant Bridges WIP

    Ah so it's like the shallow water crossing in AoE II, not an actual bridge curve above water. I'm curious: Are those ants counted as lost and new ones spawn (like The Other Foot's tube)? Can we unbridge to get back ants? Can the bridge be damaged by enemies?
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    The Other Foot - Discussion

    It's doesn't affect gameplay but I spotted multiple leafcutter's naked-larvae in the opposing nest instead of ereptor's cocoon. It varies each time you play. You can see it in Man of the Antz videos.
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    Screenshot Saturday - Titan Climbing

    I wonder how these titans interact with ants' abilities while the ants are onboard. Will trapjaw ants just jump off the titans if they reach their withrawal HP? Will the titans be confused if leafcutter ants activate their taunt?
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    May / June 2020 Newsletter - All About Fire Ants

    "Water-faring critters"! Does it mean naval combat is possible if your ants fall into the water? Or are they just untouchable traps and ambient creatures?
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    Screenshot Saturday - Size Comparison

    I've done some reading, it seems that leafcutter ant queen is about 30-40mm in length while fire ant queen is about 8-10mm in length. Isn't the difference a bit too drastic?
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    Screenshot Saturday - Fire Ant Attacks

    Did they reveal fire ant stats? John said something from last stream: Fire ants should sting after every few bites, their bites are pititful but their stings are powerful. Their combined damage per second will be a bit less than black ants but they make up for being cheaper.
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    Just a question

    The save was originally on your old computer. Steam saving was only implemented recently so if you dropped the game long ago, you have to restart. There are many stuffs added to the beginning of the game so replaying can still be fun.
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    Extremis Insane Win Post balance changes

    Your videos are very helpful. Please keep working on them.
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    Formicarium Trapjaws (and others!) - I've Finally Done It!

    Note that in 1.2, there are 2 caste of slavemaker: the soldiers and the stealers. The soldiers are only a bit tankier and stronger than black ant soldiers, they don't steal brood but act as distraction. The slavemaker stealers are frailer, fast and ignore combat for brood stealing. The playable...