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    New Moon

    You know you could also change the date of your PC and then start the game. ;) It is rather cheaty but still works and sometimes is good for some easter eggs. :D
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    Could RAM Scarcity Cause Bugs?

    Yeah I can confirm that the trickery of the USB-Stick maker companies is pretty nasty. Instead of giving you 8 GB = 8,388,608 KB (8 GB * 1024 * 1024) they give you 8 000 000 KB (8 x 1000 x 1000). To explain why 1024 it is basically due to binary. To make it short our PC stores info in 0s and 1s...
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    Screenshot Saturday - Bridging The Gap

    in reality they use many more ants for the bridge as they basically create a raft with their bodies and they need to walk on top of each other. Personally I'd say the bridge needs some more workers to look a bit more sustainable and then it should be perfect.
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    Unlock formicarium levels in freeplay after succeeding them

    I guess what you mean is that saving the campaign levels would mean that it will throw off the overall round and might be usable to cheat / trick the game.
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    New Moon

    nice idea with the whip spider. If I remember correctly tho it does stay attached to the mother for a good while tho. I'm not exactly sure for how long.
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    Weaver ants for the next tier maybe?

    Ever since my eyes fell upon this thread my gears have been turning and thinking on how I would implement the weaver ants. At least their nest. ^^ As many of you know it is a very uncommon way to have an antnest in the trees unless you live in an area that hosts weaver ants. The thing about...
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    Diplomacy between AI colonies

    I always try to think on how would I solve the issue. And I guess defining an area or line as defense line would be the best choice. It would mean that if the other side or you decide to go past it that the otherside would start to auto attack it. It does seem like a cool idea at any rate but we...
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    Diplomacy between AI colonies

    didn't I also post this on Twitter? :P Also one way to implement this would be to define an area as a defense line so the ants would gather there and stand still to observe the other side. ;)
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    Optional Failure Condition

    I would enjoy that too. :) This would come close to a oligogyn colony. This is where multiple queens live together as a polygyn colony during the founding stage and then the dominante queen drives the other queen(s) into far away areas of the nest. Lasius Flavus is a species that can be oligogyn...
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    A Quick Question Regarding Kickstarter

    I also donate / gift copies to friends. It's a nice way to spread the word too :D
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    Is it Possible to Delete the Game Completely?

    Quick hint from me. Go to the downloaded game. Rightclick. Open stored location or local file. Could be in properties. Then uninstall game. If done, remove everything in that one file location. OR you change your steam game library location. For example: From D:\Steam -> D:\Steamgames Then make...
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    How about adding a meme mode?

    Hell yeah. Let's gather some sounds to add them later on. I throw in the to be continued (Song: round about) meme from JoJo and the Wasted meme from GTA V
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    [Feedback] Formicarium mission 2.1 insane difficulty feels much easier than 2.2 insane difficulty

    I don't remember but I think 2-1 was difficult enough on insane. ^^' But I also haven't played it in a long time. ^^'
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    The future of the black ants

    as someone wrote in another post of mine about Messor Barbarus:" They go for quality rather than quantity." Or something close to that. Anyway they could technically just redesign some of the antspecies and that would be that but it is much more interesting to see a couple different species that...
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    Screenshot Saturday (Community Contributions) - Colourful Clash

    It might hurt your CPU or GPU ^^