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  1. Mr_Ced

    Victory Condition Unbalanced + Suggestions

    Right now the victory condition, "Grow and Upgrade your Colony" is unbalanced. This condition really does not allow for further progression and cannot be achieved. This also feels very basic for how much weight it carries, since I could only get so far before massive creatures started to spawn...
  2. Mr_Ced

    Aphid Farm Landmark feels Wimpy

    At the moment the only reliable sources of food towards the end of Freeplay are Uber creatures and aphid farms. The other landmarks, like the fish and seed plant, simply do not give enough food constantly. Unfortunately, the aphid farms also don't reap the benefits seen in 2.2. They are too...
  3. Mr_Ced

    Allied Colony Does Not Collect Starting Food

    The food chamber has a cave where there is food right next to it. For some reason the ants do not collect the food.
  4. Mr_Ced

    New Map Missing Music

    The music theme is Beach, not Rainforest. Just something I noticed!
  5. Mr_Ced

    Make Plants Smarter

    The plant landmarks in Freeplay are packed together very closely and does not look as cool as the Formicarium levels. I think there should be checks added to both keep the plants on the same level and prevent them from clipping into each other.
  6. Mr_Ced

    Game Cannot be Played Temporary after Win Condition

    If you skip the whole "yay you won" and click play more to early, you still need to watch it. You can still interact and place tiles, but you must wait until the entire sequence is over before resuming normal gameplay. So, in short, you need to wait until the win music fades out.
  7. Mr_Ced

    Day/Night Bug

    I think this is along the same lines as the plant shadow bug. I was playing Freeplay and was enjoying the scenery when all of a sudden, the night music started playing. Eventually fixed it by going back underground.
  8. Mr_Ced

    Minims get Stuck in Walls

    Pretty much the title. They walk through the walls and get stuck, sometimes they do not but it stalls my progress nevertheless.
  9. Mr_Ced

    3.2 Crashes on Second Day

    When playing 3.2, everything goes fine until halfway through the second day. It freezes for a minute, then the music plays for half a second then it crashes.
  10. Mr_Ced

    Ideas for the Upcoming Update

    Formicarium Transfer Instead of a transfer of just the queen, I would like to see a full nest evacuation. This would serve as an additional challenge for the player. As your nest emptys out, the male scientist would introduce enemies to try and kill your queen. The queen would act on her own, as...
  11. Mr_Ced


    After coding on Scratch, I have got to say developing a game is no joke. I have come far in the development process of my very own ant game, though I have focused on other projects. The ant game itself is not at all impressive compared to EotU, but not many people have attempted it on Scratch...
  12. Mr_Ced

    Bugs With Formicarium

    - The new bugs that spawn after you complete a mission only appear until after you complete Formicarium Challenge 3, for the first 6 levels, its the standard ones. - Workers in the new formicarium, (after you transfer it) will sometimes "ghost" and stand still. They will also not complete jobs...
  13. Mr_Ced

    Zombie Mode

    Here's a pretty crazy suggestion: zombie mode. Overview: In zombie mode, you would choose a existing formicarium colony to fight off waves of fungus infested ants of all types. This would have either its own map or be an option in Freeplay. The raids would take place at night, and even could...
  14. Mr_Ced

    Creature Editor?

    Unless its already planned, I think a creature editor in in order to add a little bit more player interaction. This game is already very interesting!
  15. Mr_Ced

    Will 3.1 get Redone?

    I am just wondering if "The Harvest" will receive a map update once the A.I. is perfected to level the playing field. Just a few plants moved, you know?
  16. Mr_Ced

    Two Interesting Freeplay Setups

    1. Fake Leafcutters - Difficulty set at 100% - No nest invasions - Beach or Rainforest creatures only With this setup, the only source of reliable food are plants and fish. 2. Carnivorous - Wood ants or black ants only - Beach or Rainforest creatures only - Fog of War enabled - Infestation and...
  17. Mr_Ced

    Territory and Ereptors in Freeplay

    Territory: This would basically be a way to keep weak bugs, if not all of them, from going to a certain area. This certain area would be determined by the amount of creature deaths and the amount of ants. This means there would be a sort of zone, if managed, where your ants would not be...
  18. Mr_Ced

    Satellite Nest Level

    I have an idea for one of the extra missions you guys are working on, a satellite nest! This would be a nest without a queen that would receive new eggs every few minutes or so. Meaning you will need to avoid combat but also collect food to complete the objective. The objective should be based...
  19. Mr_Ced

    Starting Narration Missing From Freeplay

    It seems that the narrator doesn't want to introduce my colony anymore. No idea why but it just popped up.
  20. Mr_Ced

    Achievement Ideas

    Since achievements have not yet been added, but are obviously planned, I would like to suggest some of my own. Preservation: Complete a level on medium difficulty with losing X amount of ants A Major Army: Complete Formicarium Challenge 3 using only majors (Doesn't include workers) Close Call...