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  1. Tom Johnson

    A thought on Ecosystem

    Thank you! :) Ha, sometimes they can be a little slow and squirmy. It is something I'm working on and I've got some substantial improvements since the demo by tweaking how the water applies drag. Getting them faster will also help the gameplay, since that way they can do more interesting things...
  2. Tom Johnson

    Issues regarding food

    Thank you, every bit of data helps. I will check to see if the second issue is related to the first or whether it is a coincidence. Either way, I will hopefully fix both soon. Much appreciated!
  3. Tom Johnson

    Invisible Dead and Progenitors

    That's very interesting and potentially quite a problem! Especially if it is affecting performance. I'll do some playthroughs where I try to duplicate what happened and look for anything hanging around. On the information box, was their age going up, or was it stuck? I really appreciate your...
  4. Tom Johnson

    Some thoughts and questions

    Thank you for the well-wishes! I experimented a little bit with land creatures, but unfortunately it seems like evolving to balance on legs must require either a vast amount of time or much larger populations than the game can simulate at once. I was able to get creatures that drag their bodies...
  5. Tom Johnson

    Predators are too strong.

    Thank you for the compliment and for telling your friends about the game. That kind of thing really helps a lot. I appreciate the feedback regarding predator and prey populations. Getting them better balanced is something I'm actively working on. As Sam mentioned, I'll be adding more defensive...
  6. Tom Johnson

    Isssues regarding food placement

    I will do my best to reproduce these bugs and fix them. Getting to -1 nutrient points is definitely a problem, and I think I have an idea about what might have caused the mating grounds issue as well. Thank you for letting me know.
  7. Tom Johnson

    Issues regarding food

    Thank you for the detailed steps! I will check it out tonight as well and do my best to figure out what's happening.
  8. Tom Johnson

    Screenshot Saturday

    Ha, thanks! When it comes to the creature creator, I think Spore did pretty well. Hopefully Slug Disco will stop me though if I start implementing ways for the fish to build spaceships
  9. Tom Johnson

    Welcome to the Forum

    Thank you, it makes me genuinely happy to hear that. I appreciate that you took the time to write it; posts like this really help to keep me going through development. That's a great story about the giant sperm with a fish face! I suppose the shape of a sperm is an adaptation to its environment...
  10. Tom Johnson

    A few thoughts

    I'm glad you liked the game! I will look into improving the look of the mating grounds, by having more options for how they look and/or being able to toggle off their display in some fashion. It's also good to know about the UI; I hadn't tested it on a high resolution monitor like that. Adding...
  11. Tom Johnson


    Good to know! The game tries to detect and remove any tiny floating 'islands' that form after you edit the terrain; maybe it is missing some cases. I will also look into offering more brush types or preloaded shapes. My focus for the near future is going to be on adding more depth to the...
  12. Tom Johnson

    Swim bladders?

    I like that idea! Sometimes it is hard to tell exactly what is causing something to look 'wrong' overall. That could be a big part of it. I ran a test last year to correct creatures' orientations but ended up shelving it because for some reason it seemed to interfere with their steering ability...
  13. Tom Johnson

    early stage rewards

    I like that, it's a good idea. I may make a similar test case on my end to see what happens. It is definitely something that I would like to ensure works in the final game. Thank you :)
  14. Tom Johnson

    FPS Changes?

    Yes, I will make sure to get that in! The demo is lacking in a lot of settings just because I was trying to get in as much of core gameplay as I could in it before release. But the full version will definitely have options for things like vsync, refraction, fog, key remapping, audio volume, etc.
  15. Tom Johnson

    early stage rewards

    The parts do actually resize independently, but one other factor that I forgot to mention with size is that the amount of torque a creature can apply to a fin depends on the size of the body part it is attached to, representing muscle strength. So big fins often need a big torso to get them...
  16. Tom Johnson

    Creatures evolving to break the game?

    It turns out the slowdown was caused by the creatures having immense brains. Here's the medium one! It still only really has two muscles, so it was doing some enormously complicated calculations to decide when to contract them, ha. I can maybe add a very small energy-efficiency cost to having...
  17. Tom Johnson


    Thank you! That's a cool experiment and that's a direction I'm really interested in taking with the game, where the creatures are really strongly adapted to the specific environment you make. Hopefully adding more features like long-term behaviors and traits will help with this. I'd be really...
  18. Tom Johnson

    early stage rewards

    In the earliest stage, creatures get energy based only on distance (I ran a test once using total water volume and they balooned up to a really absurd degree, often moving only slightly). The main factor that slows them down is drag from the water (though drag is also how they propel themselves...
  19. Tom Johnson

    Creatures evolving to break the game?

    Eight to ten kB seems average so that must really be quite a creature. You could send it to my email, which is just my first name @ I'm quite curious to see both what happened and how it got that way.
  20. Tom Johnson

    Bilateral symmetry

    That is something I'm interested in! What's funny is that the underlying genetics in the game already make bilateral symmetry more likely, but I rarely see established creatures being symmetric in the way that you mentioned, which would definitely make them more natural looking and possibly...