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    [Bug]0.2111 Babysitting food bodies bug

    I have the option "resorces info" on and it not show up. My ant cannot even pick the food of the bodies. I dont know if this is appening in other levels.
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    baby sitting level restart glitch

    The buttuon Retrun to the formicarium shuoldnt be restarlevel or return to the main menu? because the button do not work.i need to restart the game to play the level again.
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    when this ability is on the aura only affectes nearby majors or it will apli to other ants like black ants soldiers?
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    Major stuck

    I was playing the 3.2 normaly untill i found this this major stuck and just spins.(i have the feeling that i will see alot of thes in the beta of the next update).
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    The world war of ants

    If u like ants u gonna like this to.
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    Suggestion for the level you need to protect the other queen.

    When u complete the level and u click on the button "play more" in one of the creatures spawners could start the same attack waves that u have in the freeplay, and the two collonys have to combat together the attack waves. In every level i have try the "play more" button and the only level that...
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    Did someone complete the level of the hungry spider? Help.

    i´ve tried complete the hungry spider level and a cant pass the level i have already used a lot of different strattegies and i died. The current strattegie i have used is: 1º-kill the mole kriket. 2º-kill the 4 queens. 3º-kill the crabs and ubercrab. 4º-kill the DHs and uberDH. 5º-kill the tiger...
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    Sugestion for upgraded ants

    I´ve seen in this forum a post about upgrade your ants in levels and the truth is not valueble upgrade ants anless u need the level 3 abillity. This image show some stats of the ants,Health and attack damage and we can see the diference between level 1, 2, and 3, of the ants and the siference...
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    Game freeze

    i was playing normaly the my freeplay and i was in a middle of a attack wave and my game freeze. i have played 3hours and my game litterally freezes because and i dont know why. help pls i hope that not happen again. And is strange because i allways play eotu without any problem. It looks like...
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    workers not being killed by water

    My workers have the evasive skill and survive the periodic flood i think is a bit overpowerd. I cosider this a bug because the water should KILL ALL creatures. ~~Who said water ants do not exist! xD~~
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    Level-3 ability of melee rufa ant

    Can someone tell me wats the ability of rufa melle ant when upgraded to level-3? I´m asking this because every ant in the game when is upgraded to level 3 gain a extra abillity and would like to know wats the ability of the melee rufa ant.
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    Another floating leave

    I thought this bug had already been solved.
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    Major color

    This is a screenshot from my freeplay game and i haved select color black but the majors do not have any black parts. I think it should be black in the abdomen.
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    mantis and worker skill

    My worker have the "evasive" skill and when the mantis pickup my worker to eat her the skill do not let the mantis eat the worker I dont know if it was supposed to work like that. But in my opinion the skill could just work for normal attacks and be disable and the mantis grab the worker to eat.
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    floating leaves

    The leaves are floating.
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    The ability sharp is working?

    I'm trying to complete formicarium challenge 3 and i spent my royal jelly on a skill for taunt major "SHARP" the description says aura but I never see the aura show up, I suppose it's similar with that aura of army ants soldiers. But I've never seen this happen or my ants using this ability even...
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    Will queen chambers be upgradeable?

    I never understand why the queen workers are not upgradeable. Will be cool if queen worker ants are upgradeable.
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    Defeat screen bug

    I was playing normal the freeplay mode on the map the dunes with fusca and when my queen died this happened.
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    Patrol Marker

    When I play Eotu I notice that the area around the entrance is a bit unprotected. I think that to protect the entrance better, there could be a pheromon / marker patrol (with the things I've sketched in the picture) keeping the area around the protected entrance protected. In the image I made to...
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    BUG Formicarium

    In the formicarium, every time I load the save are added +20 territory parts. i dont know if is hapen only to me? but fix it or we will have infinite territory in formicarium.