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  1. Vitality_W1nter

    Suggestion to Battle Arena

    So, we're missing things on Battle Arena and Formicarium (After the win) We miss the Formica Sanguinea (Slave-maker ant) and Spiders from the 1.2 lvl. And I also like to play the Slave Maker, that would we cool.
  2. Vitality_W1nter

    Suggestions - DLC

    So, hum I've got an idea. I think you will put Bull Ants and Driver Ants for next levels (not sure of course), and so we can't play other ants like Trap-Jaws, Slave Maker, or even Eciton Ants (except in Freeplay later maybe but still a bit annoying). The idea is to implant some DLC with the...
  3. Vitality_W1nter

    New Home LVL 1.1 + Basic - Some translation in French (Not Finished Yet)

    Here are the first translation in French (for helping devs). Basic traduction : They are intruders (? I'm not sure about how it is written but I know the word in french) in the nest ! Become : Il y a des intrus dans le nid ! They are intruders in the nest, the larvae must be protected ! Become...
  4. Vitality_W1nter

    What type of ants will be add later in the game ?

    Everyting is in the title ! Edit : (For the level 4.1, 4.2, 5.1 and 5.2)
  5. Vitality_W1nter

    New Ants

    How many ants do you will in this game ? Or what is preview ? (I don't want a answer like "A lot" or "we will see by the time" xD) -Keep that work W1nter.