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    organisms from different species will have different personality. example some foragers will be sea gentles or other foragers will be very territorial and will fight each other and live alone and come to nest only when to mate. some predators will hunt alone or others will make pack to count...
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    Size matter

    Creatures with bigger size will need a bigger amount of food and smaller ones will need fewer. And if the ecosystem has small amount of food animals will evolve and the smaller ones will survive and this will make something like island dwarfism. Bigger predators will have bigger damage and...
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    I discovered a bug

    When i was playing demo i puted a random herbivore and i saved it when it was kid and its species didnt officially exists. When i wanted to place it at a herbivore nest it said it cant have the same space with herbivores it grow up and formed a species but it said his diet is any and it just...
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    dead event

    when a organism die its body will not vanish and will sunk on the sea floor where it will can be eated by predators or if it isnt eated it turn into soil and that area become more fertile for future plants
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    fish can evolve tentacles like limbs
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    diet evolution

    and organism will can evolve it diet and form forager to become a predator if there arent predator to no longer conquer for the same food with the other foragers or it will can change without influence what type of plant it eat
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    fish poop

    after a organism eat it will relase a small poop and this will make game more realistic and there the soil will have more nutrients
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    plants conquer

    if plants will reproduce and conquer for space and will make the other species that conquer for the same type of soil or light to extint
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    egg eaters

    if other foragers or predators will eat a other species eggs this will make game more realistic
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    new species

    ik the fish evolve new swimming styles and new textures but at a moment look weird because there are 2 completely different and they are from the same specie. I have a idea , when in the specie appear a mutation that make them to change color or grow a another fin or leg they will make a new...
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    if a fish had a problem they say it has genetic disease but will be cool if there will be a disease texture like they will get white or black spots than after few minutes they die or tumors that will make them unable to swim and will sunk on the bottom of the sea and they will cannot eat and...
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    floating plants

    floating plants like lily pads or like that fragments of red algae that float on the sea
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    bioluminescent animals

    if there will be a texture for fish that they can get when evolve and it will be bioluminescent like the lanternfish skin
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    deep water like mariana trench

    if in game you start with shallow water and can dig very deep to make there something like a abyssal zone
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    area select

    if you cold select in game a very big area that can be filled with material and make something like shallow water
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    underground animals

    animals that can dig holes into ground like worms crayfish or goby fish
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    transparent flesh

    fish that can evolve a transparent texture on their body
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    some fish that can host other big fish and feed on them
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    predator specialize food

    if predators can specialize only on a organism species to dont conquer other predator species on the same food and be possible a small ammount of predators but more predator species like how foragers can specialize in a plant
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    poison organisms

    foragers that cant be eated by predators because their are posionoss and cant be eated just by a immune specie or plants that poision foragers