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  1. HofNerd

    [Bug] 0.2131 Formicarium challenge 3 scientist's hand not crushing ants when it should

    I was messing around a bit with the formicarium save data and then tried formicarium challenge 3 with the edited colony, when the scientist's hand bugged out: I will try and see if it has something to do with him tapping the glass.
  2. HofNerd

    [Bug] 0.2131 Mission 2.1 Nighttime music during the day when playing more after mission completion

    The first night after that day the music stayed at the nighttime music for that mission. At the start of the following day the music returned to the daytime music.
  3. HofNerd

    [Bug] 0.2131 Mission 2.1 Tiger beetle larva can sometimes become immune to drowning

    The tiger beetle larva that was immune to drowning spawned on the start of day 3. (Spawn is visible on minimap.)
  4. HofNerd

    [Suggestion] 0.2131 Smoother tiger beetle larva spawn

    So... Today an tiger beetle larva spawned in an area where the centre of my vision happened to be aimed at, and I noticed how the antlion has a horizontal orientation at the moment it is spawned: (The larva is in the bottom left area of the video and spawns in the 8th second.) In the next...
  5. HofNerd

    [Bug] 0.2131 Colony save loading failure prevents other colony saves from loading?

    So, I tried to take a look inside one of the colony save files. And some combination of having notepad open while trying to load the save caused the save file to corrupt I think? (Not sure, but I cannot get the game to show it when loading colony saves. Anyway, that one's on me.) However...
  6. HofNerd

    [Feedback] 0.2131 Babysitting Mission: Tiger beetle group near player nest might be a little too close?

    I was playing the babysitting mission when suddenly the music transitioned from calm to combat: I made the group agressive by accident. With what little I had at that point, it made me lose.
  7. HofNerd

    [Bug] 0.2131 Wood ant mortar firing particle bugging at low performance?

    While playing the The Other Foot level on easy with only worker ants I encountered this issue with the wood ants: As you can see, a firing wood ant produces some odd particle that flies away quite a distance.
  8. HofNerd

    [Bug?] 0.2131 H whip spider corpse legs moving while sinking through the ground to despawn

    I encountered this today: I think that is the H whip spider adjusting itself to fit the terrain? But since it is already dead there is no need to do so anymore and it also looks odd to see a dead creature suddenly start moving.
  9. HofNerd

    [Bug] 0.2131 Invisible topright corner UI elements blocking marker placement?

    This time I have tried to do the explaining in the video itself. (Hearing my own voice is so weird. I sound completely different!)
  10. HofNerd

    [Suggestion] 0.2131 Measure to prevent the narrator from cutting out when a lot is going on

    This is not posted as a bug, because I think this functions as intended. When too many sounds play, the oldest are overridden to allow for new sounds to be played. (Audio channel limit enforcement.) However, I think this also causes the narrator to be cut out mid-speach in some cases, like...
  11. HofNerd

    [Bug] 0.2131 Creatures sometimes get stuck in walls

    This sometimes (rare, but I have seen multiple times) happens. A creature gets stuck in a wall for some time, but eventually breaks free. I have seen this happen overground too with a M hermit crab getting stuck near the portal that spawns the attack waves.
  12. HofNerd

    [Bug] 0.2131 Bugged nest group icon drag&drop ghost

    Here's some footage of something odd I haven't seen before that happened today: I dragged&dropped a nest group icon, then it bugged out. (I was really fast compared to how I normally drag&drop the icons, so maybe it has something to do with it?) I also find it really odd how the icon looked...
  13. HofNerd

    [Bug] 0.2131 Formicarium mission 2.1 Enemies waiting inside the underground nest exit

    It surprises me I haven't posted this one yet? Hermit crabs that are made agressive by attacking them often wait inside the nest exit once they have entered the nest:
  14. HofNerd

    [Achievement Idea] Formicarium mission 2.1 "de-ranged"

    Complete formicarium mission 2.1 on medium difficulty without placing any wood ant ranged nurseries. (This one has very little room for error and can be quite difficult.)
  15. HofNerd

    [Bug] 0.2131 Ereptor worker invisibility not wearing off when switching evasive upgrade to defensive.

    They appear to keep the evasive invisibility even though the upgrade is no longer active.
  16. HofNerd

    [Bug] 0.2131 Frozen, untargettable creature inside the formicarium outworld

    Ehhh... Since reloading the save did not fix this, it appears to be savegame consistent and savegame files are included. (I hope they are the right ones.)
  17. HofNerd

    [Achievement Idea] Formicarium mission 2.1 "Ranged only"

    The title gives it away, an achievement for completing mission 2.1 on insane difficulty without building any nurseries other than wood ant ranged. (Yes, this means no extra workers. Your starting workers are all workers you will have.) I know this is possible, because I just did it.
  18. HofNerd

    [Feedback] 0.2131 The Frontline west army ant exit area removing ants quite far from the map's edge?

    During one of the dev-streams it was said that the army ant spawning and despawning was to happen outside of the player's view. The west army ant spawn is good for that. But the exit area appears to be too large, resulting in ants being removed while not that close to the map edge.
  19. HofNerd

    [Bug] 0.2131 Creature trying to attack ant on plant

    As you can see, the beetle larva is chasing and attacking the worker ant even after it gets on a plant and becomes out of reach. I have seen something similar in the past too, where creatures (mole cricket, other ants, and some others) fail to pick a new target when their initial target is...