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    My Favorite Ant (as a suggestion)

    I realise that now
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    Multiplayer Would Be Sick

    Yeah that would work for me. That could be how the game handles the request for multiple queens too. They're just allied colonies.
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    My Favorite Ant (as a suggestion)

    oh the game HAS aphid farming I JUST got to that point
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    My Favorite Ant (as a suggestion)

    Call me lame but my favorite ants are fungus growing ants. The great thing about them is their ability to grow and farm their own food. Game play wise, it wouldn't be an infinite supply it would have a food cost to grow a new fungus on each tile but it would produce more than was put in and...
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    Waste Management

    There are waste management tiles?
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    Another Kickstarter?

    Customisable multiplayer queens as stretch goal
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    Multiplayer Would Be Sick

    Personally I'm not upset if there's never multiplayer since that would inherently mean competing with my brother and I'd rather us work together to make the ultimate super-colony
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    Spider ants

    AI ants avoid them like they're spiders but spiders are attracted to them? That's a possible way to implement them
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    Multiple queens?

    Well what if it was only for one playable species and a really expensive Ereptor trait that can be gained instead of other queen traits. More queens = weaker queens = balance.
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    Suggestion for future update: Pharaoh Ants

    with this species being so much smaller than most other ants I'd rather it as a frustrating enemy type rather than an ant I can use