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  1. Serafine

    Increased view range/less water opacity

    Would it be possible to add a slider for view/render range? You don't need to zoom out a lot for the upper half of the screen becoming a solid blue blob which is pretty frustrating (it gets worse at lower angles though around 60° is sufficient for the effect to take place). My PC doesn't have...
  2. Serafine

    More gradual food point income

    Hey, it would be great if there was a very low food point income (either something like 1 point every 5 minutes or something relative to plant growth across the map) as it's a bit annoying to have to wait 20-30 minutes for another (of the extremely rare) milestone(s) to pop up and give you some...
  3. Serafine

    "Meat plants" needed for predator evolution

    I know the point of predators is to hunt other fish but I've noticed that it is really difficult (potentially impossible at some point) to introduce predators into an ecosystem later on when the herbivores and filterfeeders have already learned to swim kind of well. Having some sort of...
  4. Serafine

    QOL circle drawing

    I found drawing circles (particularly the breeding ground) can be a bit difficult, it would probably work much better if the cursor stayed the center of the cirle and some key (or the mouse wheel) is used to increase/decrease it's radius (so the center of the circle can be moved around)...
  5. Serafine

    Idle ants

    I noticed that idle ants especially around the queen tend to run around A LOT, this obviously puts quite some strain on the system (especially due to the constant pathfinding). The thing is - it's not necessary. Idle ants don't run around. Actually they will basically stay in place until they...
  6. Serafine

    [Bug] 1.2 Victory condition ignores mole crickets

    1.2 ends after beating the final F. sanguinea wave even if mole crickets are present on the map. 1.1 once had the same bug but it got fixed there.
  7. Serafine

    Freeplay's core problem

    After playing several matches of Freeplay I've come to the conclusion that I don't really like the mode and that the missions are much more fun. The main issue with Freeplay - and this is pretty much the core issue of Freeplay that causes all the other issues the game mode has - is that...
  8. Serafine

    Some 2.1 issues (bugs/glitches)

    1) Not a bug but a graphical issue. This wall should be removed. It doesn't look good and since it doesn't have any gameplay purpose removing it wouldn't affect the level at all (except for making it look better). 2) This tiny stretch of terrain allows you access to the plateau at the upper...
  9. Serafine

    [enemy idea] Bombadeer Bug

    Bombadeer Bug The Bombadeer Bug is a carnivorous beetle with a very powerful self-defense. Biome: The Bombadier Bug can be found in pretty much every biome. Role: Major annoyance. Behaviour: The Bombadier Bug is on the hunt for smaller creatures...
  10. Serafine

    Screenshot Saturday Suggestion

    Can you make a hermit crab fashion show? They have some really nice houses and you rarely have the time to admire their beauty (before your ants slaughter them).
  11. Serafine

    @SlugDisco, please take care you don't get scammed by fake review sites

    There are review pages that prey on Indie developers - they will ask for keys to "review the game" and then for more keys "to give to their followers". However they will either just copy reviews from other (real) review pages or don't put up a review at all. And if you give them additional keys...
  12. Serafine

    Please take a look at this I've put quite some work into it (ingame economy)

    This is a fully-fledged ingame economy concept for EotU (including the required UI elements) fixing several issues with food gathering, economy deadlocks, engagement deadlocks, slave-taker ant mechanics and generally making the colony look much more alive and closer to a real ant colony. Please...
  13. Serafine

    Suggestion: Give all formicine ants a long CD high damage CQB "spray" attack

    All formicine ants (Formica soldiers, Camponotus, Lasius, Nylanderia) should have a high damage "spray" attack with a long cooldown, that only works in close combat. Same goes for ants that have a stinger (the sting woudl work similar to the acid attack). Reasons: - Realism Now I know this...
  14. Serafine

    Linked groups

    So with the new pheromone marker system (that from the latest demo) I've recognized that I've started to use groups differently from how as you would expect (or maybe exactly how it was actually planed?). So what I'm doing is I don't set markers for each group when they need to go somewhere...
  15. Serafine

    Issues with seeing/picking up food bits

    Ants sometimes are not seeing food bits or are having trouble to pick them up. Moving them away from the area and then back or moving in a different group of ants (that follows a different marker) usually helps. Simply reassigning the ants present in the area to another marker in the same area...
  16. Serafine

    Fog of war, ant field of view

    Will there be a fog of war in this game? If yes, please remember that different ant species have different eyesight. Myrmecia bull ants for example have phenomenal vision, Camponotus sugar ants are pretty decent (they can see you coming from more than a meter), Messor harvester ants are pretty...
  17. Serafine

    Groups with more than 1000 ants can't be displayed properly in the group menu

    Not sure how relevant this is. The game becomes hard to play due to the tab-UI (markers, health bars) flickering out at 800+ total ants anyway.
  18. Serafine

    Ants that are carrying eggs should not fight

    In this picture you can see an ant carrying a fully grown larvae on the food tile trying to fight an enemy (it looked like the ant was trying to slap the bug using the larvae as a club). Ants that are carrying larvae should always try to plant that egg and only fight if it is impossible to...
  19. Serafine

    First ant from a tile should not cost resources

    The price for the first ant from a tile should be included in the amount of food i costs to place the tile. It's a bit annoying and can seriously screw up your plans if other ants respawn in the mean time, consuming food, so the ants from the tiles you just placed cannot hatch. This might not be...