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  1. Serafine

    More gradual food point income

    The fish points are fine, they trickle in slowly but steady. The points that let you place plants are a real issue, you basically can't get any outside of the milestones.
  2. Serafine

    Increased view range/less water opacity

    Would it be possible to add a slider for view/render range? You don't need to zoom out a lot for the upper half of the screen becoming a solid blue blob which is pretty frustrating (it gets worse at lower angles though around 60° is sufficient for the effect to take place). My PC doesn't have...
  3. Serafine

    Major Update for Ecosystem Demo Out Now

    I really enjoy it, can't wait for the early access release. :) By now I actually got a few species with some individuals that developed camouflage (usually visibility at 25% when in vegetation). I don't know how the creatures are programmed (do they flee towards cover?) but a part of the...
  4. Serafine

    More gradual food point income

    Hey, it would be great if there was a very low food point income (either something like 1 point every 5 minutes or something relative to plant growth across the map) as it's a bit annoying to have to wait 20-30 minutes for another (of the extremely rare) milestone(s) to pop up and give you some...
  5. Serafine

    Major Update for Ecosystem Demo Out Now

    This is amazing! I really love the new current spore dispersal system, makes the game much more fun to see your coral reef grow on it's own. :) I also think removing the mating grounds was a really good idea as especially in the early game many creatures struggled to actually get to those and...
  6. Serafine

    "Meat plants" needed for predator evolution

    I know the point of predators is to hunt other fish but I've noticed that it is really difficult (potentially impossible at some point) to introduce predators into an ecosystem later on when the herbivores and filterfeeders have already learned to swim kind of well. Having some sort of...
  7. Serafine

    Swim bladders?

    You could have it as an optional trait, so there's two pathways to evolve (not all fish do have swim bladders, although most do). Such optional traits might not be a bad idea in general, like the ability to stick to the ground or to latch onto things (this could open a patchway for parasites...
  8. Serafine

    QOL circle drawing

    I found drawing circles (particularly the breeding ground) can be a bit difficult, it would probably work much better if the cursor stayed the center of the cirle and some key (or the mouse wheel) is used to increase/decrease it's radius (so the center of the circle can be moved around)...
  9. Serafine

    What is Ecosystem?

    I'd say it looks more like Species ALRE (or a way more complex version of Swimbots). If it's running more stable than that one you've already won me over =)
  10. Serafine

    Hibernation save modus

    This could work for Freeplay but I wouldn't say the missions are too long to complete without a break (or to replay if failing). You need more than 20 seconds though, in 3.1. ants need around two minutes to clear the beach (the flooding warning for the individual beach sections is 30 seconds...
  11. Serafine

    June 2019 Newsletter - Next Ants

    I'd guess it's probably either Solenopsis invicta (red imported fire ant), geminata (red tropical fire ant), richteri (black imported fire ant) or xyloni (southern fire ant). The thief ant species like Solenopsis molesta or Solenopsis fugax would be so ridiculously small they'd just be a few...
  12. Serafine

    Ant keeping help

    No, that's normal for Camponotus queens. They often pick pieces from the dry cotton to make themselves a place to poop (later the workers will use the cotton to weave garbage into some sort of fabric). Just cover the tube and give her a month or two in a calm place.
  13. Serafine

    Ant keeping help

    Depends on the species - some produce majors at 20 workers, others at 100+.
  14. Serafine

    Ant keeping help

    Some ants look fairly similar, you're sure you're not confusing her with Pogonomyrmex workers? Also most Camponotus species are nocturnal, so usually the larger workers only come out at night. There's also a small chance that she's actually a larger Formica species which don't have huge majors.
  15. Serafine

    Nest Group Nursery Type Priority Options?

    The queen nurseries should always have top priority, everything else is just dysfuntional. That would give you at least 6 nanitics to work with. But yes, ant type choice would be great, it could be implemented in the UI somewhere down in the menus as boxes to check (with the three states "don't...
  16. Serafine

    Ant keeping help

    I'd say it's either Camponotus novaeboracensis or Camponotus herculeanus. Definitely Camponotus though. For antkeeping purposes it doesn't really matter, care is exactly the same - the main difference is that C. novae will slow down (and finally stop) growing after it has a few thousand workers...
  17. Serafine

    Ant keeping help

    Can you make a picture of her and post it here? There's probably a few hundred species of black ants with red thorax. A wild guess would be Camponotus novaeboracensis (but she'd have to be between 1.5-2cm long) as they're fairly common in northern america but then it could also be a dozen other...
  18. Serafine

    Bombardier beetle

    Quoting myself from ages ago: Bombadeer Bug The Bombadeer Bug is a carnivorous beetle with a very powerful self-defense. Biome: The Bombadier Bug can be found in pretty much every biome. Role: Major annoyance. Behaviour: The Bombadier Bug is on the hunt for smaller creatures (woodworm...
  19. Serafine

    Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?

    Generally 25-30°C with a heat gradient (one side of the nest being warmer than the other) is best for most ants. Pupae prefer warmer temperatures (up to 30) while larvae prefer the colder parts of the nest (around 25°C). That's why when you lift up a stone in summer you often see tons of pupae...
  20. Serafine

    A.I. and Free Majors

    I would find it far more organic-looking if the AI didn't just send majors at you but also a few medium-sized workers and a few minors - basically a proper group of ants. Just majors looks very artificial. Also the AI sometimes does some weird decisions, like hanging out on top of the nest for...