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  1. Serafine

    Screen Shot Saturday - Leafcutter Interface & Mechanics

    From what I've read the minims will not upgrade, not be controllable and not take part in any fighting action. They're basically cosmetic entities.
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    Ant Keepers United

  3. Serafine

    Idle ants

    I noticed that idle ants especially around the queen tend to run around A LOT, this obviously puts quite some strain on the system (especially due to the constant pathfinding). The thing is - it's not necessary. Idle ants don't run around. Actually they will basically stay in place until they...
  4. Serafine

    Workers Useless

    Actually both Formica fusca and Formica rufa are slightly polymorphic with small workers and bigger larger-headed workers. The largest F. rufa workers are about twice as long as the smallest ones. According to new studies there isn't really a dedicated soldier class in any ant species -...
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    **HOTFIX** - V0.1351 Released, 2 Major Issues Fixed

    Oh wow, that explains a lot. I was wondering but i didn't realize there was an actual bug.
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    New Forum!

    Looks great so far! :)
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Jumping Spider

    But can it dance, too? ;D
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    Ant Keepers United

    I'm not really familiar with US species but your idea sounds good to me. Here's a basic guide on queen hunting from the r/antkeeping reddit wiki: You can also ask people on the Discord Antkeeping Chat, we have a channel called...
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    Ant Keepers United

    Giving them honey in a dish is fine, the drops should just be really really small (like the size of an ant head). You can use a toothpick to place those tiny drops, young colonies don't really eat much anyway. Harvester ants usually form large trails into a general foraging area from where the...
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    Ant Keepers United

    Formica fusca should be hibernating right now (at around 10-15°C). Ants of the genus Formica do not hibernate with brood (contrary to most other ants that hibernate with larvae) so they stop laying eggs relatively early in the year (usually around late August/early September) because their eggs...
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    Ant Keepers United

    Getting to 4 workers isn't too bad for the start and maybe you didn't even do anything wrong - sometimes queens just die for no obvious reason. Pogos are quite excentric ants, I'd recommend to do a bit of research on pages like Formiculture. There's a lot of stuff in which Pogos are quite...
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    Formica Sanguinea Species Mixing

    As far as I know the fusca slaves don't take parts in the raids. They stay in the nest and take care of the slavekeepers' brood (and occasionally they start a rebellion where they cut apart parts of the sanguinea brood).
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    Ant Keepers United

    My girls have gone into their sort-of-hibernation low activity diapause mode, they are still active but there's not much happening in terms of brood development. This picture is from early October and gives a perfect impression of how most ants store their brood. It's more of a chaotic mess...
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    New Ants

    We do so far have: - Formica fusca - Formica rufa Next update we get: - Leafcutters (judging by the size probably Acromyrmex) - Odontomachus sp (Trapjaw ants, non-playable) - Army ants (from the looks probably Eciton sp., non-playable) So if they make trapjaws and army ants playable we're at 5...
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Spiny Devil

    If we're going for realism here we should also get a mobile F. fusca queen because those things actually run faster than their workers. That's basically the fusca survival strategy - they use their superior speed to bully smaller ants (they steal food from ants like Lasius niger, sometimes even...
  16. Serafine

    Why do Queens get Stunned?

    Formica rufa queens have to murder a Formica fusca queen (and any supsicious workers) to found their own colony. They are pretty badass, they know how to kill stuff. And have you ever seen Formica fusca queens? Those ants aren't dumb. If they realize they get attacked by Formica rufa or...
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Spiny Devil

    The answer is always rufa if available. Seriously, those things need a balancing pass at some point.
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    Jumping Spider funsies

    It gets even better with this fantastic piece of music ;D
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Spiny Devil

    That thing looks scary o_O
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    Jumping Spider funsies

    Jumping spiders don't really jump that high, it's more like a DASH forward with a very low arc (the jumping part is mostly to increase the range, at short distances or if jumping at a target below their own height jumping spiders travel almost in a straight line). They do this so fast that they...