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  1. person111

    Screenshot Saturday - Uber Mole Cricket

    Have you beaten it though? You didn’t specify if you’ve beat it or just played it.
  2. person111

    Suggestion: Alternative / Side Campaigns

    I think the idea is great but each ant has different behaviors so sometimes the other campaigns wouldn’t really fit, unless it’s an all balanced map were all species of ants can use its abilities to the maximum. And yeah, it could be released as a DLC, I‘m not sure if it should have a cost or...
  3. person111

    Tug of War Colony in Freeplay

    Well, I wouldn’t wanna feed spiders to my future ant colonies but I’ll make an exception for spiders that camp outside the test tubes and eat the ants one by one.
  4. person111

    [Bug] 0.22101 Excavators Uber Mole Cricket special attack can move the queen

    Well, it still makes sense because most of them are small tiny little bugs.
  5. person111

    Happy holidays

    This is getting increasingly confusing..
  6. person111

    Screenshot Saturday - He's Coming Back

    Well I assume that if you gave good suggestions and reported a bunch of bug posts you would get the queen role, or the colony role.
  7. person111

    youtube channels

    I don’t think so.
  8. person111

    Some freeplay map ideas

    I’d like to see the maze the most as well.
  9. person111

    youtube channels

    HofNerd has posted youtube videos of the game, even though they’re not tutorials it might be helpful for new players. And yeah, all his videos, most if not all, playthroughs. So that will be helpful.
  10. person111

    October November newsletter

    He said that it’s coming out some point this month
  11. person111

    Suggestion: More Ant Choices in Campaign

    exactly, while black ants are superior to slave maker ants when level one and two but the slavemakers make a good comeback when upgraded to level 3.
  12. person111

    The what

    The what
  13. person111

    Hello from Luxembourg

    I wanna try the Neuhaus chocolate, I heard that it tasted really good and was named after the guy who created it. Also, yeah, Japanese candy is either lots of milk chocolate made in a creative way or sour. European is just nuts and nuts and some sort of cream, also the truffle chocolates, those...
  14. person111

    Antlover I think you’re getting confused between the new beta test (2020) and the old beta test...

    Antlover I think you’re getting confused between the new beta test (2020) and the old beta test (2015-2016)
  15. person111


    Uber dead fish
  16. person111

    Questions About The New Update

    I’ve never seen the Available in Demo section but I think none of us is really missing out, because, you’re playing the Demo so I don’t know why it would have some areas that say Available in Demo, the closest thing I can find to match the areas that say it is Not available in menu, and there’s...
  17. person111

    (Edited title to be used) Why do minims die?

    I still don’t understand, minims don’t die? And in what context? Do they dissapear, do you see them dying physically or did they not exist at all? Also the queen doesn’t really relate to the situation here, when your queen dies it’s mostly because of all your royal workers are dead which creates...
  18. person111

    Just a person

    Just a person