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  1. MedinBurnic

    [Bug] No music or voices on Formicarium Challenge 2.

    Title says it all...
  2. MedinBurnic

    [BUG] Beta when you try to invade a colony and if your ants are in a colony your ants will still stay.

    Hard to kinda say but I am the Black color and my ants are in my allied colony. I try to send them somewhere else they still stay. Note: I know pheromones have a cool down. I waited a few more seconds and still stayed. They only got out when I told them to go somewhere else and not invade.
  3. MedinBurnic

    [Feedback] Forum be able to delete posts (Without contacting somebody)

    I was thinking of doing this thread for a while now. And I am looking at posts I am thinking of deleting. I find it completely ridiculous I have to contact somebody. Simple feature, you can delete comments and stuff but now posts? If there is already a way. It should be more visible anyway.
  4. MedinBurnic

    [BUG] Allied Royale Guard still says as enemy. (Freeplay)

    No need for image but my allied colony in freeplay used the royale guard and it still says ENEMY.
  5. MedinBurnic

    [BUG] Beta if you click advanced options after you picked Counterpart colony it will switch to gene thief if you press apply. (Freeplay)

    Hard to explain but here's a quick clip of it. Never thought I would upload a video again lol. But the main bug is the fact that when you click advanced options with that other colony it goes to Gene Thief.
  6. MedinBurnic

    [Suggestion] When a AI colony is in a enemy colony you can see the enemy colony without your ant going in.

    Sorry for the long topic but basically. It would be cool if you can see the enemy nest if your ally ants are in it without sending your own ant. Do you agree?
  7. MedinBurnic

    [BUG] Beta Allied colonies will try to attack you.

    No need for a picture but I first thought they were helping me defend lol. They should only come to your base if you're under attack by another colony.
  8. MedinBurnic

    [Bug] Beta enemy ants will attack the attack waves.

    Once this is patched it will make me a bit sad because of free help but... maybe ALLY ants can help defend, if those are coming.
  9. MedinBurnic

    [Feedback] Tug Of War- be able to delete tiles

    Let me just say something, with all those ants on the menu I may screw up. So yeah, being able to automatically delete tiles and get the food is something that I think could be added.
  10. MedinBurnic

    AI colony randomly holding eggs outside? (Corrupt)

    Nothing else happened, they harvested a fish. But I think because they will “replace eggs without the need for workers”
  11. MedinBurnic

    [Bug] 0.2131 Ant stuck while trying to build food tile?

    Canceling the job and replacing it fixed it but it's just a minor issue :/
  12. MedinBurnic

    Why do we have no wood & black ant workers in the Battle arena. Aswell some other creatures.

    Sorry for the interruption, but we have leaf cutter workers and the other worker ant (I can't remember on my head) but no wood & black ants, wood ants and blank ants are forgotten. Maybe a few other creatures as well.
  13. MedinBurnic

    (Bug) Reloading after last save (without saving at all) goes to Gene Thief.

    I was under attack in free play leaf cutters embankment. I reloaded (without saving at all) and this happened. lol Look at bottom right, lol.
  14. MedinBurnic

    Floating Pebbles (Freeplay Dunes)

    I was playing as black ants in free play I didn't notice this until now.
  15. MedinBurnic

    Babysitting Bug - Spiders stuck in Allied colony

    I was watching a YouTuber and I saw this. The ants cannot attack the spiders.
  16. MedinBurnic

    Corona Virus - VERY IMPORTANT!

    ⚠️Caution!⚠️ The moment you're reading this, there is a virus in our world named Coronavirus. Please wash your hands with soap all the time, don’t touch your mouth, nose and eyes. Avoid crowds & Exposed Places. Hi, this is a quick reminder about the Coronavirus and how to protect yourself...
  17. MedinBurnic

    {Is this a Bug?} Hand not doing big tap? Story Challenge 3

    How to replicate this? {Start the challenge, then stay underground do not go overground or be on the surface when the story challenge happens. If the scientist's hand does not do the “Come out, come out, COME OUT!” Then you got this bug.}