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    Looking at sceenshots

    No, GOG Galaxy. That's how I got EOTU because I downloaded GOG Galaxy.
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    The fourm

    Is there any rank higher than solder?
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    Looking at sceenshots

    Please forgive me. I don't know if this is comeletly off topic but I take sceenshots of certain insects doing cool stuff in the game but I don't know how I view them! Does anyone know how? If you you do please replay! Thanks:cool::D:D
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    Magical spider healing

    Have you ever played the spider level, the one that let you play as a Beach Wolf spider. In that level you get to see all the different ability's that the spiders in the Campaign/Freeplay have, (all though you get 4 ability's and the Campaign/freeplay spiders only get 3.
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    Formica Ereptors are OP

    Just because you are overpowered does not mean you always dominate. I have had some of my formacarium qweens die to other bugs in freeplay despite my colony being the most ever overpowered. But that would probably be because I my colony was starving.
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Behind the Scenes

    Woaaaah! So complex! And sophisticated.
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    there are bugs getting stuck getting stuck near the players nest.

    When I am playing in freeplay mode the enemy bugs start to go in the entrance holes but they get slingshoted backwards then forwards then they go back and forth and back again and again, it's like they're trying to make up their minds about something. But I instantly knew this was a bug, now...
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    Is Insane Mode Possible?

    I found that out to!
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    Maybe add Termites?

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    Maybe add Termites?

    This may be an idea that has already been put into consideration, but termites are a kind of ant and they make large nests with a very clever ventilation system and I just thought it would be really neat to put them in the game as both an a.i and playable colony!
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    A bit confused here!

    So do the minims hatch from the queen's brood tiles or do they hatch from the same tiles as the minor/media/major toles when they are created?
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    A bit confused here!

    So do the minums from the leafcutter colony do tile making as well as used fungus material disposal. Which means the minors are used for getting to smaller plants. So the medias and majors tackle bigger plants? Or am I getting everything mixed up?:confused:
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    Slug disco

    Factorio came second. Which is pretty sophisticated but :cool:.
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    Formicarium challenge 4

    Yeah, you should not think to much about the future. You should just worry about one thing at a time. This is a suggestion.
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    Screen Shot Saturday - The Enemy Colony

    Stupid enemy ants! some of them are being poisoned by there own, um, refuse spots? is that what they are called?o_O
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Beach Wide View

    But that does look different from the surface maps from levels 2:1 and 2:2.
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Beach Wide View

    Wow! that looks amazing!:eek:
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    Screen Shot Saturday – Poster

    How do you get it as a real poster you can hang in a room somewhere?
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    Long time no play and now: WOW!

    Yeah! i'm kind of surprised that this game is still an early access, but with this upcoming update (EOTU's first major update called the Leaf cutter update, it will no longer be an early access.) By the way, have you seen all the great stuff that's in it?