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  1. TerrificTimmeh

    Idea for levels 4:1 and 4:2!

    Create a radioactive map type - and give us 15-18 inch ant queens
  2. TerrificTimmeh

    Queen of the Hill game mode

    So the idea is that there would be a map mode called Queen of the Hill - your colony always spawns in the centre. Map design unknown. After a one day grace period of time ants will run at your base during the day only to try and take your position as Queen of the Hill and harass you during the...
  3. TerrificTimmeh

    Freeplay Mantis carries multiple insects

    Just incase it hasn't crossed your mind... If I imagine how the game is processing the leaf when an ant carrying it dies. So the ant drops the leaf but the game knows leaves can be off the ground as we climb plants to reach them. Only problem is the game registers the leaf in the air now but...
  4. TerrificTimmeh

    Freeplay Species

    Is it plausable to insert army ants in to the fusca colony though the same way the leafcutter majors have been added following game lore. Leafcutter majors harvest other insects instead of leaves so surely army ants would get away with not living in a bivouac if part of the fusca colony. That...
  5. TerrificTimmeh

    Freeplay Mantis carries multiple insects

    I'll try imgur maybe tomorrow. Just finishing up another video but I'm pretty tired right now. Yeah woodlouse sounds right. I've got a shot in one of my videos where it literally just looks like a mantis is carrying a ball of insects it's quite funny. Makes me think of like an afro made of...
  6. TerrificTimmeh

    It could be a little awkward but is it any easier for the script to be written to spawn ants...

    It could be a little awkward but is it any easier for the script to be written to spawn ants saved on leaves at the base of the leaf? On loading the ant would most likely immediately re-climb the leaf to get food so players wouldn't lose much time if you're struggling to load ants on leaves.
  7. TerrificTimmeh

    Freeplay Mantis carries multiple insects

    I'm not sure how to fix it because I don't know how the mantis eating action is scripted. It just looks as if the mantis goes to eat these insects but their unit, possibly something to do with pixel interaction, doesn't reach a certain point of the mantis' mouth to destroy the unit and therefore...
  8. TerrificTimmeh

    Freeplay Mantis carries multiple insects

    Hey, This one's quite funny to me but definitely a bug. I have disable upkeep turned off - not sure if that impacts this or not. Occasionally the mantis' pick their prey up but don't eat it. The visual for the bug is still there in the mantis' arms. I'm having trouble reducing file sizes to...
  9. TerrificTimmeh

    Wiki Suggestion

    Great Idea. Have you considered turning it in to a challenge system for players? Set mini goals to unlock the stats over time. Eg. After taking down 1 Rove beetle you unlock HP stat, 3 you unlock attack damage, 5 attack speed etc until you build a full description of the enemies you face...
  10. TerrificTimmeh

    Improving 3.2

    MrCed2003 have you beaten the level on insane? Based on my playthrough if you made any of the changes you've suggested then Slug Disco would literally break the level. I've completed 3.2 on insane; look me up on youtube I've linked the video in this response. The army ants are definitely a...
  11. TerrificTimmeh

    How to beat Demo Leaf Cutter Mission?

    I'm downloading the demo package now to have a go and play it to see the difficulty involved so I'll get back to you when I've had a go. I am fully aware that without majors, the medea ants have a lot of trouble burning through those green beetles when I played level 3.1 of the game so I'm...
  12. TerrificTimmeh

    Still chilling just on less sleep because now I'm a dad.

    Still chilling just on less sleep because now I'm a dad.
  13. TerrificTimmeh

    Turtle Ants + Level Suggestion

    Bring on more legends of the undergrowth for the ants to overcome :) centipedes would be cool.
  14. TerrificTimmeh

    A new demo!

    Thanks for the update on the demo progress.
  15. TerrificTimmeh

    Making 3.1's Enemy Atta Colony More Fair

    T Large mantis' aren't an issue later if you choose taunt majors. Check out my video I only fight 1 mantis but it gets completely overrun. Also taunt majors seem to help more then stun majors against the roving lockjaw ants.
  16. TerrificTimmeh

    new april fools idea

    And give the woodworm a giant party hat.
  17. TerrificTimmeh

    3.X Insane Strategy Development

    Not sure if this is the place but have just completed formicarium challenge 3 on insane as well - does that count as 3.X? If so, video available on my youtube channel if you are looking for some assistance/tips on beating that too.
  18. TerrificTimmeh

    I'm chilling waiting for that too :)

    I'm chilling waiting for that too :)
  19. TerrificTimmeh

    Ant Species Count vs Arachnid Species Count

    I'm arachnophobic but I have an army of fusca ants to save me :D
  20. TerrificTimmeh

    3.1 has anyone beaten it?

    If you're really struggling on insane on 3.1; balanite has a great video released on youtube of their runthrough which is really good. I now have a video on my youtube channel as well. We have slightly different base layouts and composition builds so between both of our videos you'll get a...