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    Patrol Marker

    It's certainly a possibility - part of our philosophy in making the game was to keep RTS mechanics fairly simple and this sort of thing strays back into the realms of Starcraft II complexity. But as always, it's a possible option for the future.
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    December 2018 - January 2019 Newsletter

    A brand new year, all sparkling and shining and lovely! Must be newsletter time. As usual, a round-up of all the news and developments over the past month.
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    Day 4 to 2.1 / Version history

    No, you can't get your nests into 2.1 and 2.2. I guess in the future we could maybe make Freeplay levels based on them but that's not a priority at the moment. You're almost at the most recent patch by the looks of it 0.1353 is the most recent but it's only a small bug fix from 0.1352. We're...
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Harvestman vs. Leafcutters

    The harvestman (also known as the daddy longlegs) is an opportunistic feeder in the arachnid family. This one, native to the rainforests of South America, is sometimes known as the "Jason's mask harvestman" due to the distinctive pigmentation on its back. Although superficially resembling one...
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    New Ants

    We'll announce well in advance before the 3rd tier is going up. We'll probably do a trailer for it, too.
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    New Ants

    As it stands bullet ants aren't planned to have their own separate missions - instead they'll be an end-of-game bonus unit that you can unlock for your formicarium with royal jelly (and therefore Freeplay).
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    7 Start Ants

    You still "have" 7 ants - you've not had to pay the 20 food to place those worker tiles. 3 is about right, we think. It very quickly introduces the "pop" sound effect and visual cue that a new ant has hatched from its pupa once food is collected.
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    Post Patch Bugs

    Could you please provide some more information / screenshots on this? The patch was tested before release. As far as the pathing goes - it's always been the case that about half of the ants will go to the pheromone marker and the others will go back and forth between the queen and the point...
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    Hi! Looks like you have your backer badge already :)
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Leafhoppers

    They're too quick for anything to catch them! Something gets close, and *ping* they're gone. There's more creatures but we're at the point where we're not sure if we want to spoil anything else!
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Leafhoppers

    Leafhoppers are small insects that subsist by consuming sap from plants. They're related to cicadas and spittlebugs. True to their name, when startled or in need of new feeding grounds, they leap many times their height into the air and find another leaf to feed upon. As members of the order...
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    Not storing food right

    Can you post some screenshots / let us know more about what you were doing at the time?
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Bam!

    Jumping spider spies his target, aaaaand..................... bam!
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    my entire screen lag...doesnt move or respond

    As a follow-up - we thought we'd fixed this exact issue in the hotfix update. That seems to not be the case. We have a big problem with sample sizes; this issue occurs to only a small percentage and only on some hardware configurations, so we're having trouble replicating it.
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    my entire screen lag...doesnt move or respond

    The driver is a piece of software that tells your computer how to use its hardware. If the computer has only been set up a few days ago there's a good chance some of its software is out of date, because it was assembled some time ago. Make sure everything is up-to-date.
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    my entire screen lag...doesnt move or respond

    As a first step, please make sure your graphics driver is up-to-date. It sounds like that is the most likely cause.
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    Workers Useless

    The true value of workers becomes more apparent when playing the game at Hard or Insane difficulty, making them much more efficient resource collectors than the soldiers.
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    New Roadmap?

    It's a good point. It goes to show how difficult it is making predictions. Roadmaps are important for reassurance of those who have bought into the project early, so we'll likely re-evaluate it once the leafcutter update is out - hopefully with a little more wisdom.
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    Screen Shot Saturday - Harvestman

    The harvestmen are a diverse group of arachnids (order Opiliones). They may colloquially be called daddy longlegs. Although superficially spider-like in appearance, they differ greatly from true spiders in several ways. They have no distinct separation in thorax and abdomen, and only a single...
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    (Linux) Major graphical corruption

    Thanks for the report - shall pass it on to our Linux guy Matt. The engine version has changed recently so it's likely something to do with that. Make sure your drivers are up-to-date as a first step, if so we'll look into it further.