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  1. JohnSlugDisco

    Major glitch: Enemies Getting Stuck

    Found this one and solved it. Thanks for the report the fix will come with the next update
  2. JohnSlugDisco

    Post Patch Bugs

    It looks like your frame rate drops drastically during combat. At very low frame rates damage hits will not register perfectly. I would have said this was something to do with your system not being up to spec but the game appears to run smoothly out of combat. Can you try dropping the graphics...
  3. JohnSlugDisco

    Scrolling issues

    From my experience this is only a problem in windowed full screen but I will note it down and get Matt to take a look.
  4. JohnSlugDisco

    Realistic Survival Mode And Other Things

    Certainly you could have the workers be responsible for feeding larvae, feeding the ants though could be hard. Currently the workers do jobs in the nest based on an array of jobs and an overall manager dishes them out (its actually a really complex piece of code). I suppose you could have...
  5. JohnSlugDisco

    Game Gets Paused When in the Underground

    There was an optimisation we introduced ages ago but had to remove (which basically stopped animations you could not see) which sounds like what you describe. We did as I say remove it so I am not sure what is causing the problem here. Maybe try verifying your files on steam make sure something...
  6. JohnSlugDisco

    Realistic Survival Mode And Other Things

    Hey thanks for your suggestions, I will go through them in order: Hunger was actually something I was considering in Freeplay but unfortunately ran out of time. I do agree it would be a really nice feature though how it would work would have to be considered carefully. I think ants feeding each...
  7. JohnSlugDisco

    Game Gets Paused When in the Underground

    Could you record a video of this behaviour? I have tried to replicate it myself but I am getting nowhere. Additionally can you check you have the most recent build of the game (in the lab menu screen should say 0.1352 in bottom left). I have just released a patch today.
  8. JohnSlugDisco

    Bug Fix Patch 0.1352 + Hotfix 0.1353

    In this patch we have hunted down a bug that is crashing the game on Queen of the Hill. We thought we had it solved in the last patch but people were still reporting it. Thanks to our great community we have finally found it and interestingly it was to do with the ramp and ants falling through...
  9. JohnSlugDisco

    Game Gets Paused When in the Underground

    Is this all the time? And is it only the creatures on the surface? Additionally can you tell me what game mode and map you are playing when this happens?
  10. JohnSlugDisco

    Screen Shot Saturday - Harvestman

    They do have an ability where it releases a leg and makes a run for it at low health.
  11. JohnSlugDisco

    New Ants

    I agree it would be fun to include some of the other species as Freeplay colonies. Some would be relatively straight forward if you were no striving for realism (trap-jaws, army ants) however the slave makers behave quite differently to normal creatures in the stealing. Not really sure how it...
  12. JohnSlugDisco

    BUG - Freeplay - Towhead - Fish vanish on flood

    Actually floods destroy food so this will have killed it. Will have a thing about this, maybe some food should be un-wash-away-able
  13. JohnSlugDisco

    What were we up to in December?

    Thought I would mention briefly what we are up to at the moment. As we develop we send commits to the source control each with comments. These comments give some insight on what is being worked on. Having a look back over the Christmas holidays here is a summary of what has happened: John Made...
  14. JohnSlugDisco

    Other games to avoid burnout

    They are billions is good but punishing. I enjoyed it for a good long time until I got fed up losing to a single zombie slipping in. It actually has similarities to EotU in the waves.
  15. JohnSlugDisco

    Whats the Most Realistic Difficulty?

    Most mission are the start of an ant colony, so i guess the question is how many ant colonies die before they mate, then what is your win to loss ratio and see if you can make the two match up on a difficulty.
  16. JohnSlugDisco

    Backers and Beta Backers

    Hi! The backers badge was given to those who backed before we went into early access though Kickstarter or our website. If you think this is you then please send me a personal message here and I will take a look. Also make sure you provide me with the email you used for your paypal backing or...
  17. JohnSlugDisco

    Happy new year everyone

    Also to you! Should be an exciting one for the game! Been getting my head back into programming the last couple days now the holidays are coming to a close.
  18. JohnSlugDisco

    my entire screen lag...doesnt move or respond

    Just a quick update, we have found the culprit for this now and are in the process of testing the next patch. Will be up soon (next day or two)
  19. JohnSlugDisco

    Uploading some bug fixes!

    Uploading some bug fixes!
  20. JohnSlugDisco

    New Forum!

    Hello All! We have both moved the forum and upgraded it at the same time! There is still more work to be done around here but you should find this forum more fully featured than the last one! Update your links to The entirety of the old forum has been moved here but there...