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  1. pakitane16

    Slave maker ants

    150 is a balance number. You can beat challenge 3 on hard, using non-modified ants with just that much ants. They will most likely raise the limit when fire ants and optimisation are done.
  2. pakitane16

    Screenshot Saturday - Monthly Missions

    Call this level Totally Ridiculous Underground Expedition, or T.R.U.E for short, cause it's true.
  3. pakitane16

    Tiger beetle larvae stuck on the ground

    I'll just quote Mike then: please try to get some screenshots, I don't see this in my playthrough. :D I think enemy ants are ignored in 2.1
  4. pakitane16

    The world war of ants

    The last half is basically 3.2 but with different army ants species. Lots of people love EotU in the comments.
  5. pakitane16

    Tiger beetle larvae stuck on the ground

    I think I know what is wrong now. This happens when I play on my laptop, and it's not really optimised for gaming so I think it failed loading the burrow in. Play the game on a better computer and I don't see this happens anymore.
  6. pakitane16

    Army Ants

    Army ants are normadic and their temporary nest is made of their own body. The dev are trying to implement this lifestyle as close to real life as possible so for now army ants are in thinking box. The same with african driver ants. On the other hand, trapjaw ants are already confirmed to be...
  7. pakitane16

    How far can you go in free play with waves

    Youtube just showed me this video. This guy reached wave 50, which I didn't even think possible. It took him the entire between-wave time to kill one wave lol:
  8. pakitane16

    leaf cutter ants

    Read the newsletter, they're working on it for next update.
  9. pakitane16

    Slave maker ants

    Well you can google image and see F. sanguinea and F. rufa looks really alike. Now thinking back I don't think we even need slavemaker in arena, they are basically just black ant with a bit higher stat. Like how we only have ereptor worker for both fusca and rufa.
  10. pakitane16

    Slave maker ants

    It's wood ant meelee
  11. pakitane16

    Hibernation save modus

    If you know the strat, most levels never go past 1 hour on hard, and 2X have predetermined time of about 50 min. The compensate for losing is the problem though, losing at beginning or near the end give the same small reward. I think we just need to make losing reward scale with playtime, with...
  12. pakitane16

    Tiger beetle larvae stuck on the ground

    In campaign, after grabbing an ant, tiger beetle larvae sometimes gets stuck on the ground and cannot retreat to its hole or moving at all (about 1/10 chances). It become sniping target after that. This only happen to non-attacking worker, never happen to any soldier caste or enemy. Is it normal?
  13. pakitane16

    Slave maker ants

    Bullet ant is planned to be end game prize, fire ant possibly next year as campaign 4, driver ant is in thinking box until they figure out how to implement normadic play style ingame.
  14. pakitane16

    Satellite Nest Level

    This is fun. We can make this a level for the slavemaker. The queen is there but you can only build expensive fighter and your limited stealer just go out to steal. The fighter can only carry little food and harvest slowly. Your mission is to guard the stealer when they bring fusca and rufa...
  15. pakitane16

    Slave maker ants

    Don't they have 2 caste, the fighter seems tankier, while the stealer is faster and frailer? Mole cricket is also missing from arena.
  16. pakitane16

    My Favorite Ant (as a suggestion)

    Just continue playing, you haven't seen everything yet.
  17. pakitane16

    June 2019 Newsletter - Next Ants

    Most Solenopsis sp. are invasive and live anywhere tropical enough. Lot of possibility for setting, from indoor to garden/park to many kinds of forest. S. invicta species is most likely chosen I think.
  18. pakitane16

    June 2019 Newsletter - Next Ants

    I predict the dev will use Myrmicine skin for Formicarium 4 enemy to tease non-backer lol.
  19. pakitane16

    Multiplayer Would Be Sick

    Based on the stat file, I think all ants already have really slow self-healing out of combat, 0.1 per sec, which means 6 HP per min. I don't know, I don't like Cossack because of this system. Early game becomes really difficult if you get unlucky spawn near your nest.