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  1. Raptorr575

    Slave maker ants

    When you start a new freeplay game, you can check the "disable maintenance" box to have as many ants as you want but your computer may have some lags.
  2. Raptorr575

    Screenshot Saturday - Monthly Missions

    I'll wait to know more because I already have a lot of questions in mind but it seems to be great! :)
  3. Raptorr575

    Hello From France !

    Hi and thank you ! Yes, I saw that fire ants were the next playable ants ! I already found the gene thief ants overpowering but with the fires ants they will dominate the world x)
  4. Raptorr575

    Hello From France !

    Il est excellent même x)
  5. Raptorr575

    Hello From France !

    I'm sure of it! I have already explored the forum a little and I like it a lot ^^
  6. Raptorr575

    Hello From France !

    It's the first time I've talked on a forum it's weird and I don't know what to say :/
  7. Raptorr575

    Satellite Nest Level

    I really like this idea for slavemaker ants ! We can imagine that each egg gives a random ants of a different species.
  8. Raptorr575

    The world war of ants

    I really liked this video, I even discovered ants that I didn't know.