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  1. Mr_Ced

    Slave maker ants

    Dude chill.
  2. Mr_Ced

    Two Interesting Freeplay Setups

    1. Fake Leafcutters - Difficulty set at 100% - No nest invasions - Beach or Rainforest creatures only With this setup, the only source of reliable food are plants and fish. 2. Carnivorous - Wood ants or black ants only - Beach or Rainforest creatures only - Fog of War enabled - Infestation and...
  3. Mr_Ced

    Territory and Ereptors in Freeplay

    Territory: This would basically be a way to keep weak bugs, if not all of them, from going to a certain area. This certain area would be determined by the amount of creature deaths and the amount of ants. This means there would be a sort of zone, if managed, where your ants would not be...
  4. Mr_Ced

    A Problem When I Start up the Game

    I had this issue too. Cannot remember how to update it, but look it up online. Thats how I figured it out.
  5. Mr_Ced

    Ant gathering bug

    I have also experienced this. Super annoying when I'm trying to do level 3 runs.
  6. Mr_Ced

    Ant and leaf gathering bug

    I have encountered both of these issues as well.
  7. Mr_Ced

    Satellite Nest Level

    I have an idea for one of the extra missions you guys are working on, a satellite nest! This would be a nest without a queen that would receive new eggs every few minutes or so. Meaning you will need to avoid combat but also collect food to complete the objective. The objective should be based...
  8. Mr_Ced

    Did someone complete the level of the hungry spider? Help.

    I am just wondering what the spider or narrator says when you complete the level. I have been able to get all the way to the uber wolf spider when I got clapped by him in two seconds flat. What I have learned is to stay by a food source and constantly heal while attacking ubers.
  9. Mr_Ced

    Multiplayer Would Be Sick

    The opposing player could camp the entrance on the outside if the player does this, and if they have mortars, the effect would be the same.
  10. Mr_Ced

    Starting Narration Missing From Freeplay

    It seems that the narrator doesn't want to introduce my colony anymore. No idea why but it just popped up.
  11. Mr_Ced

    Achievement Ideas

    Since achievements have not yet been added, but are obviously planned, I would like to suggest some of my own. Preservation: Complete a level on medium difficulty with losing X amount of ants A Major Army: Complete Formicarium Challenge 3 using only majors (Doesn't include workers) Close Call...
  12. Mr_Ced

    Ants knocked back into unreachable terrain

    Here's a picture of it.
  13. Mr_Ced

    The Harvest with Level 3 Leafcutters

    Actually, after thinking about it a bit more, the opposing colony doesn't send their whole army, only half. Combine this with the choke points around the nest, you can overwhelm them. Fun fact: If you starve the colony, it will start sending its attack group to harvest instead.
  14. Mr_Ced

    Ants knocked back into unreachable terrain

    The red part of the Navmesh is only a suggestion to the ant's pathfinding that they shouldn't got there. If you watched their streams you would know this.
  15. Mr_Ced

    The Harvest with Level 3 Leafcutters

    I plan to this weekend.
  16. Mr_Ced

    The Harvest with Level 3 Leafcutters

    I have been playing 3.1 for quite some time. After a while of playing, I discovered that an army of level 3 ants is about as efficient as level 1 ants. Combined with increased movement speed and carrying capacity, my harvesting group kept pace and out did the opposition. I had 19 level 3...
  17. Mr_Ced

    Ants knocked back into unreachable terrain

    This happened to me with a Trapjaw ant in 3.1 when my majors were harrassing a scouting party.
  18. Mr_Ced

    New missions, ants and formicarium challenge 4.

    We definitely need a healing ant though, especially for the Atta Majors.
  19. Mr_Ced

    Multiplayer Would Be Sick

    Actually, hiding in your nest during a fight will enable the opposing colony to camp your entrance and have the entire map to themselves.
  20. Mr_Ced

    Vanilla Ereptors

    Try playing the campaign through without extra skills or minor improvements. Just workers and soldiers. Beat the final Formicarium Challenge on insane with 5,000 food, 29 level 3 Majors, 38 level 3 Formica fusca and rufa, and 45 level 3 workers. Almost ran out of food, but managed to beat the...