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  1. JohnSlugDisco

    Working on some new levels!

    Working on some new levels!
  2. JohnSlugDisco

    Wood ant lag

    Just a quick update, it is apparently on this list of things to optimise already thankfully! It must have flagged up during his recent profiling!
  3. JohnSlugDisco

    Wood ant lag

    A very good point. the projectiles themselves are not very optimised. This is possibly something to do with the check it is doing to see if it has collide with its target. I am sure we can improve on this. I will speak to Matt about it as it may not even be on his radar.
  4. JohnSlugDisco

    Just purchased the game and it crashes on start up.

    Did you get this sorted? Make sure you have the minimum specs to run the game. You should have a dedicated graphics card at the very least!
  5. JohnSlugDisco

    Music Files

    We do plan on releasing a soundtrack and Liam is very much looking forwards to producing a mastered version of all the tracks, this will probably be at full release however. Some of the track are available on Liam's sound cloud as well!
  6. JohnSlugDisco

    Unofficial pre sequel to "Empire of the Ants"?

    Hi Martin, Yea we are constantly thinking about discord. I do use it for playing destiny and finding groups their however I am not a member of other indies discord so maybe I should look into that and see how they use it. We have plans for how things are going to go in the campaign. It will be...
  7. JohnSlugDisco

    Creatures tier list

    Ha its interesting to see this in a graphic, seeing where you believe each creature sits.
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    Fixing scoreboards

    Fixing scoreboards
  9. JohnSlugDisco

    Working on freeplay

    Working on freeplay
  10. JohnSlugDisco

    Cheat value

    The plants actually have two arrays of integers on them relating to max food held and food held. The smaller plants are an object which contains multiple other plant objects. They all work very differently to how previous food worked so could be tricky finding the variable.
  11. JohnSlugDisco

    Update 0.2023 - Fixes and Languages (couple of minor features)

    This is mostly a bug fix patch (should be the last before the freeplay update barring game breaking bugs) but also includes the final support for simplified Chinese and a couple of minor features. As always do let us know if you find any bugs and we will continue to squash them as they come in...
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    Another Bug!!!

    We have an upcoming fix for this!
  13. JohnSlugDisco

    Whip spider - standing in air

    Found the issue, will be a fix with the next patch
  14. JohnSlugDisco

    Whip spider - standing in air

    And was this during the challenge or after?
  15. JohnSlugDisco

    Whip spider - standing in air

    Could you tell us if they spawned in that way, or was it during the fight they ended up like that? We have a bug fix for creatures that could get stuck in the plants at the top of the formicarium so this could be the same thing
  16. JohnSlugDisco

    Request for help with a few bugs!

    I have made an attempt to fix number 3 though it will need testing to make sure I have not broken anything else in the process. Again without the ability to replicate there is no real way of telling if it is fixed.
  17. JohnSlugDisco

    Suggestions - DLC

    The old demo actually had a different numbering system which I think has gone confusing. There are two more major updates planned on this scale and plenty of smaller updates to come. We will be discussing things internally soon and will have more information for people at that point but there...
  18. JohnSlugDisco

    Flickering when updating tiles

    Ok so to update you here things are looking good for the frame rate here! Matt made some changes. Before the changes bringing up the overlays would drop it from 120fps to 80fps, it is now dropping to 110fps so about a 75% saving there. He also has a couple more ideas to try to get things even...
  19. JohnSlugDisco

    Another bug...

    So this is in your nest, is it by the tunnel or is it further in?
  20. JohnSlugDisco

    Challenge 3 bug???

    Yea by the time you have an army large enough to do the challenge you really do nuke it very fast. It is dropped next to the connecting tube on your colony side. If you are playing easy it drops a young one so even less likely to see it!