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  1. MedinBurnic

    EotU is dangerous?

    I opened EotU on my new PC, and I got this. I'm a bit confused here.
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    The monitor has been delivered!

    The monitor has been delivered!
  4. MedinBurnic

    Hello From France !

    Hi there! The forum is a great place to hear about development, and so on. You'll surely enjoy it here!
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    Just bought a new PC! Windows 10 Pro, almost cost me $3,000! (It will be shipped here soon!)...

    Just bought a new PC! Windows 10 Pro, almost cost me $3,000! (It will be shipped here soon!) (Plus the Keyboard and Mouse and Monitor. Mouse and Keyboard was free. (Alienware Aurora Gaming Desktop)
  6. MedinBurnic

    A Problem When I Start up the Game

    Okay I think I fixed it. I installed the NVIDIA download thing that I found online, and I did it manually and used that to search the drivers and it found the latest. It doesn't show the message.
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    Very Close Win On 3.1 Medium

    That was scary, you probably had some pressure! Your lucky, it is kinda sad when you lose, very little rewards and you played that far, VERY LUCKY!
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    A Problem When I Start up the Game

    Yeah, all you pretty much do is Device Manager, then bring down Display adapters then click on it then update it. (Do it automatically)
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    A Problem When I Start up the Game

    From now on, every single time I open up Empires of the Undergrowth, I get this message. I did try to update my Graphics Driver but it says the latest version is installed.:confused::confused: I can still play the game, but I feel like the game does run slower. I've never got this message before...
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    Ant gathering bug

    I mean, this can happen a couple of times I wouldn't really call this a “bug” more like kinda annoying. All mostly happens the ant will just climb back down and just go to another plant. This can happen more often when you have lots of ants climbing a plant.
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    I've thought on having an Ant Queen.

    I've thought on having an Ant Queen.
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    Ants knocked back into unreachable terrain

    Have you guys heard of a Navmesh? A Navmesh is an abstract data structure used in artificial intelligence applications to aid agents in pathfinding through complicated spaces. (That is what Google said) at the edge of lets say an island around a hole or whatever (EOTU) there is a red area that...
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    Idea for the New Map

    Yeah, yeah the map is huge! It will just look beautiful! Also, it looks like it's going to be a Stream not army ants, well its okay!
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    Feeder Colony Bottlenecking

    This is not a glitch, this is entirely your fault. What groups are those soldiers? Green? Blue? Then press refuse attack, mostly all of them will go to the pheromone marker you put them at, some might get attacked which means they'll still attack until the enemy is dealt with.
  15. MedinBurnic

    i have an idea for upcoming leavecutters in freeplay

    Leafcutters get leaves, roots are sticks holding a plant and to give it water also it would look weird if you saw a root going straight your underground. And currently, the underground and the surface are separated pretty far, that is how every game is set up so it wouldn't really make sense.
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    mobile edition

    Mike said this.
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    not enough food

    Well... There is a chance that someone will use the cheat engine, which would be cheating with a small amount of food after level completed, I can accept that. Also, you get great tactics to beat the level more easily which could shorten the play time of the level.
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    Good Job with the improvements so far!/Updates!

    I'm not sure why I posted this but, I am Really enjoying the new update! I'm VERY proud to EVERY team member. Also, the free camera is awesome! Yes, that levels are set out weird but, that is mostly how every game is set up. That free camera is awesome! It might take you a while to finish...
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    Music Discussion

    We love Liam,:p he made the beautiful sound. Good Job!