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    Wood ant lag

    Hopefully there will be improvements to the wood ant lag when they fight enemies in mass like hermit crabs, alongside the other optimizations. If its the projectiles themselves causing lag maybe a graphical option to disable whatever part of the projectile is cauing lag, or if it has to do with...
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    Free Play Mode Update Suggestion

    A game option for free play would have to spawn a certain number of alates in order to win. Each alate would be very expensive, and the price would go up after the first alate. These alates would then eventually crawl out of the nest and fly off (like a lady bird beetle). I feel this would give...
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    Food Spawns Below Formicarium

    This is a pretty big glitch. The rewards for completing the first and second tier levels spawn below the jungle formicarium. If you toggle the food numbers, you can see the food, and it is clearly visible on the minimap. If you go to the very edge of the formicarium, toggle photo mode, and then...
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    Freeplay Species

    Along with the addition of leaf cutter ants in free play mode, will we be able to play as a trap jaw ant colony or an army ant colony? Bascially a new queen model and being able to build trap jaws or the different army ant castes.
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    Leaf Cutter Free Play Mode Suggestions

    I feel like one of the most fun things that could be added to the game in free play mode is a large, interesting jungle map, similar to 3.1, maybe, but with more water. Obviously you guys have said you will do extensive work on free play to make it suitable for leaf cutter ants. I have a few...
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    Leaf Cutter Ant Update

    Firstly, the leaf cutter ant colonies on the interior as well as the way they gather leaves in long trails is very immersive and organic, amazing job. It takes some getting used to, but I am also enjoying the new fungus system. I know you guys are overhauling free play mode, and I hope we will...
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    Nest Entrance Visual Glitch

    (Mac Glitch) When I zoom in all the way on my nest entrance, the entire nest entrance becomes a glitchy black color. Not just the nest holes, but the entire nest entrance space (which I've noticed to be some sort of square or rectangular shape around the nest entrance). This pretty much makes it...
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    2.1 and 2.2 Challenge Mode Feedback

    Personally I was very happy about how the challenge modes for these two levels played out. After playing both of them on hard difficulty, I can tell you beach tiger beetle larvae make a huge difference. Basically they just chip away at your ants, draining your food and food gathering capability...
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    Major glitch: Enemies Getting Stuck

    I moved my posts from "No narration on 2.1 and free play" topic here to create a separate topic for them. There is another major bug I encountered, and I think it has already been reported, but I'll mention it anyway. During the formicarium challenge 1, enemy ants, starting off with one of the...
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    There is no narration for 2.1 or free play mode

    I got a chance to play a bit of EotU again this weekend since it had been a long time since I completed the campaign. The levels were fun as always, but the narration wouldn't start for 2.1. I've tried playing it on different difficulties or selecting different units, but there is no voice, even...
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    Leaf Cutter Ant Caste Question

    In a real Atta cephalotes colony, there are five different subcastes, the minims, who care for the brood, fungus, and sometimes leave the nest on the back of larger workers, the minors, who cut leaves into smaller pieces and insert them into the fungus, the media, who mainly transport leaves but...
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    African Driver Ants

    You guys said you wanted an increase in complexity as the formicarium tiers progressed, and I can see that happening with fire ants and their bridges in formicarium tier 4. Liam on the steam discussions said it was likely African Driver ants would be the fifth formicarium tier. In real life, a...
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    Camera mode controls

    I use camera mode like a close up cinematic mode. I've rebound the camera controls to be identical to that of a total war game, if you've ever played any of them. It's an extremely easy way to control the camera, but the problem is because I am using WASD, I cannot use WASD to move around...
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    The Rotting Log Map

    The beach underground and rotting log underground are pretty similar (I think there may be some slight lighting changes). It's probably not going to be added with leaf cutters but maybe after that, are there any plans for making a surface map for the Rotting Log? There are a ton of cool...
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    Nest Entrance Shadow Glitch (Mac)

    The shadows for my ant nest entrances in any level, free play, or formicarium will bug out when zoomed in all the way. No matter what quality I put the shadows on, (I normally have them on low), they appear very black and glitchy (It's hard to describe). They change shape when moving around the...
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    Impossible to Complete Formicarium Challenge 2

    The reason why I am replaying the campaign is that I got a new computer, so I am working on a new formicarium (which I don't mind doing). But the problem is, one of the wolf spiders (one of the medium/small ones) the scientist drops is getting stuck in my nest holes. On the minimap, it is shown...
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    Rapid Fire or Mortar

    Are 19 level 3 rapid fire ants better or 19 level 3 mortar ants for the formicarium?
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    Free play mode suggestion

    Will there ever be waste management added? Managing corpses and garbage properly would add realism to the game, however at the cost of simplicity. Maybe it could be a part of the realism option in free play mode?
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    Alates and Formicarium

    I heard there is a skirmish mode planned where it is similar to free play except the player goes against enemy AI colonies. Maybe one of the goals of this mode is to produce alates? Or maybe it is the goal of a new mode combining aspects of free play and skirmish? One's colony would have to be...
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    Size Difference Between Leafcutter Workers and Queen

    Would this video be an accurate representation of the size difference between leafcutter Queen and workers planned for Eotu? I also don't think an Atta queen will fit on the seven tiles of the Formica...