"A.I. Colonies Only" Option for Freeplay

I thought it would be cool to see an A.I. colony grow and defend itself from other colonies and bugs. It would also be fun to watch a couple of colonies fight for resources and territory and not need to worry about your own.


Staff member
It is a fun thought. When we do get round to adding AI colonies to freeplay I shall see what we can do. There are a few things in the game at the moment that assume a human player exists but maybe we can find a middle ground
LOL. MrCed2003. That would be very cool. Maybe you can control an A.I colony (so it's not A.I anymore xD) by making choices, like: Narrator: "As the tide recedes, it brings with it, an abundant source of food. Do you want to scavenge the beach, or stay underground to replenish your numbers?" And then you would have to make a choice. Then you would see how your colony would turn out after you make the choices. xD