Achievement Ideas

Since achievements have not yet been added, but are obviously planned, I would like to suggest some of my own.
  • Preservation: Complete a level on medium difficulty with losing X amount of ants
  • A Major Army: Complete Formicarium Challenge 3 using only majors (Doesn't include workers)
  • Close Call: Kill an enemy that has dropped your Queen to half health
  • Killing the Competition: Kill the enemy Queen in 3.1: The Harvest
  • Vanilla Ereptors: Complete the campaign without extra augmentations to your ants (You can still have soldiers
I left out some obvious ones like "Complete Formicarium Challenge 2," etc. but feel free to add your own to the list!
This is fun. I suggest all achievements must be completed in medium or above. There is no meaning doing these in easy. Now for my idea.
  • Hard work: Complete formicarium challenge 2 with worker only
  • Ladykiller: Kill a ladybug in 2.2 (possible with enough mortar)
  • Arachnophobia: Prevent spiders from entering your nest in 2.1 (possible if you camp their spawn point)
  • I've always been free: Complete 1.2 without any ants enslaved
  • Legend no more: Kill huge whip spider in 3.2
  • Fishmonger: gather food from fish in lower level of 2.2(possible if you are fast and bold enough)
  • Secret treasure: discover the hidden dead beetle in 2.2
  • House cleaning: Kill all underground creatures in 3.1 or 3.2
  • Together we stand: beat Crucible level with 1 media brood chamber
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