Army Ants

I think it'd be cool to play as the army ants I haven't read through the forum so if someone else already said this I agree with them, I think as many ant species should be implemented into the game as possible that wouldn't be too much trouble to implement
Army ants are normadic and their temporary nest is made of their own body. The dev are trying to implement this lifestyle as close to real life as possible so for now army ants are in thinking box. The same with african driver ants. On the other hand, trapjaw ants are already confirmed to be playable.


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We might be adding units like army ants, trapjaws in certain scenarios for the player in side missions. As it stands it's unlikely they'll get their own dedicated campaign levels.
Can we still get army ants and trapjaws in the main game, though?

Even if they don't get whole story missions dedicated to themselves? Just having them would be nice.

Or maybe unlock the option to build them with your ereptor colony in freeplay?


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When were trapjaw ants confirmed to be playable? We will be able to place down their units in some side missions as gene thief ants but not as actual trap jaw ant colony.
It was confirmed to be playable in the side mission in July stream, it wasn't decided that it would be full species trapjaw or ereptor trapjaw unit back then. Now it is confirmed to be ereptor unit in that specific mission.