Backers and Beta Backers


Developer of EotU
We have tried to give everyone who backed the game a Backer or Beta Backer badge on the forum. When we run the beta test the Beta Backer badge will allow access to the Beta forum.

If you have backed the game and have not received this badge it may be because you have not used the same email address on the forum that you used for the Kickstarter or PayPal backing. If you believe you should have received the badge but haven't either leave us a reply to this message or send us a personal message and we will get it sorted.


Beta Tester
Hi, I'm one of the beta backers on kickstarter and my pledge was Pupa but I did not receive any email on the update of a new forum also. Not sure why. My email never change.

Update: found the email about the forum. I guess I missed it. Sorry. Anyway the email is the same on kickstarter. Thanks.
Hello! Same problem here, i just created my forum account... Can i have the badge too?^^

Ps: i'm a backer, but i recently changed my email on kickstarter with the same of this account. It's a problem?


Beta Tester

I've just created this account using the same email i used for kickstarter and I don't seem to have the badge. :(.

Thanks for setting up the forum and all the work you are doing.

Excuse me, I backed the beta, I don't have the badge. Can I please get it. I apologize if I'm wrong. I love this so that's why I backed it.