Backers and Beta Backers

Well I have backed at least before the game was released I guess. Must be arround october 2017 or so via the webside. I will try and find out later. :p

Btw great game. Please let me know if I can help you with some of my antknowledge to improve the game. :D
Alright I just found it. I bought the game the 06/11/2017 :p
Is that counting as backer? If so that would be awesome. I just bought the game with a diffrent email adress which is basicly the same but it ends with @outlook :p
Would be great to have the badge just because it's legit ;D
Yes me too but it was for a long time ago ! I've seen video of TheGamingBeaver with "The Nest" or BestInSlot and I test this Beta, but I don't register to the Forum at the moment that I try the version.


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Hi! The backers badge was given to those who backed before we went into early access though Kickstarter or our website. If you think this is you then please send me a personal message here and I will take a look. Also make sure you provide me with the email you used for your paypal backing or Kickstarter backing if it is not the same as your forum one!