so I am doing this because are you guys should balance wood ant mortar or rapid fire because rapid fire is op but you must have to a good pc or fps will drop and rapid fire destroys the mortar one without the melle ants for eating acid. if you guys to a ballancing it would very nice because morta is cool but many people going to rapid fire and rather than mortar and there is still people out ther that wants to nurfe and buffe something and guys dont critizes me ok Thats my oppinion ok!


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The shooters are a massive balance issue for several reasons, the two main ones being:

1) They do not have to get into physical contact with their target which allows big hordes of them to deal ridiculous combined damage as they are essentially unlimited in the amount of ants that can attack (unlike melee units which can physically block each other and prevent each other from applying damage to a target).
2) They usually are completely unaffected by any form of stun, slow, confusion or similar debuffs, allowing them to apply much more effective damage than the melee combat units.

The ability that allows them to MASSIVELY increase each others damage is just the icing on the cake.

I'd much prefer to see shooters in a more supportive role (applying debuffs like stun/slow/armor reduction/decrease regeneration/damage reduction, etc.) than as active damage dealers, especially as the Formica rufa group will be the ONLY ant species that has units with a significant range.

(Technically all formicine ants (Lasius, Formica, Camponotus, Nylanderia) have the ability to spray formic acid, they are just much more limited in their range (it's more like a short-ranged flamethrower). Even some myrmicine ants like Solenopsis invicta (red imported fire ants) can spray their toxins around like a flamethrower by waggling their gasters really hard.)


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Lowering their stats significantly would make the game more realistic no doubt, but then they would not be strong enough for their large cost of 60 food in my opinion, plus it would introduce other balance issues. I don't think they are necessarily game breaking, I still enjoy using them and winning 2.1 and 2.2 is not easy, and it will become harder when beach tiger larvae are introduced. As you probably know, most often times in rts games the long ranged unit is the primary damage dealer, and EotU is probably not going to be an exception. Maybe you might argue it is game breaking in free play mode where a mass of level 3 shooters destroys the whole map, but I think that is a problem with free play mode itself. Personally, for the game's sake, I feel they fit their role and while they may not be perfect, they fit the overall balance of units (how balanced the unit is compared to enemies and other units) the devs intend for the finished game.