Bombardier beetle


I thought that this beetle could be very interesting for everyone to encounter at some point in the game. :)

The bombardier beetle is able to literally roast it's enemies with a cocktail of two chemicals which mixed will lead to a reaction creating heat so hot that it is very close to the boiling point of water which is deadly for most if not all insects. They actually survive in 43% of all the cases when swallowed by a toad because the toad throw up as a reaction to that heat. I guess the other 57% are fatal because there head got somehow crushed or they died before releasing their mixture.

In the game they could be able to do perhaps 3 good squirtes before needing to take a break of 10-20 second in which they will flee. Would be another interesting bug to fight. :)

Here a video about that from National Geographic.


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Would be a great way to get enemies with some neat abilities in the game. That they exist all over the world is a big plus for future levels, too - we'd just need to do a local species for whatever environments we do next.


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Quoting myself from ages ago:

Bombadeer Bug

The Bombadeer Bug is a carnivorous beetle with a very powerful self-defense.

Biome: The Bombadier Bug can be found in pretty much every biome.
Role: Major annoyance.

Behaviour: The Bombadier Bug is on the hunt for smaller creatures (woodworm, beetle larvae, small spiders, aphids). It will attack them, kill them and consume them (prey that can be carried away by ants as a whole will be devoured immediately, prey that can be harvested will be harvested in the same way ants do).

Neutral critter: Usually the Bombadeer Bug does not attack your ants. If attacked it will fire a devastating stream of hot burning acid that deals massive damage and confuses or stuns the ants (50/50 chance for either stun or confusion on hit). While the ants are shaking off the shock the beetle will try to disengange and seek for food elsewhere.

The Bombadeer Bug can be a blessing and a curse at the same time. You may welcome it when it clears an area of dangerous predators you'd have to fight otherwise or keeps a hostile ant colony at bay by raiding their aphid farms, however when food is scarce it may prey on the same food as you - and this hungry critter is a major pain to drive away, let alone take down.