[Bug?] 0.2111 Cursor light source not updating every frame when using upgrade tile tool?


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To me it looks like dragging the upgrade tool over some tiles causes the cursor light source to not update its position for a few frames shortly after setting one or more tiles to be upgraded:
(I hope I am seeing what I think I am seeing?)


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I've been looking into this this morning. Haven't been able to recreate it, or find a reason. Theories include:
  • maybe the UE4 engine is receiving cursor position updates out of sync with the OS (which effectively controls the position of the cursor you see).
  • maybe the UE4 engine is skipping a variable update on the graphics card for the light position, as some form of optmisation. A driver could also be responsible for this.
  • Maybe there is a collision with something that blocks the tile-trace in very specific locations at specific times.
The first two are pretty hard for me to test without your hardware setup, and so far I have seen no further suggestion that the last one is true. If anybody finds any more clues, let me know!.