[Bug] 0.2131 Colony save loading failure prevents other colony saves from loading?


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So, I tried to take a look inside one of the colony save files. And some combination of having notepad open while trying to load the save caused the save file to corrupt I think? (Not sure, but I cannot get the game to show it when loading colony saves. Anyway, that one's on me.)
However, another colony save also didn't show up in the loading selection at that moment. After using a copy of a backup to restore that colony save, the other colony showed up again. I think the Colony5 failing to load correctly caused the game to stop looking for other save files, causing it to ignore Colony6 in my case?

Edit: An attempt at replicating did not cause the colony from Colony6 save file to not show up in the colony save selection menu. (Now I am not sure if what I initially thought to have seen was what actually happened.)

Edit: Interesting... Just saving a colony sav file after having it opened from notepad without having made any changes makes the game unable to show it in the save selection?

Another edit: I think I now understand why it is not wanting to load. Could it be it is some sort of safety mechanism that checks if all save parts were saved at the same time preventing the save from being selectable?
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