Bug Fix Patch 0.1352 + Hotfix 0.1353


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In this patch we have hunted down a bug that is crashing the game on Queen of the Hill. We thought we had it solved in the last patch but people were still reporting it. Thanks to our great community we have finally found it and interestingly it was to do with the ramp and ants falling through them when the tide rises. We have now changed how these work.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue crashing Queen of the Hill on certain hardware setups under certain circumstances. This issue was caused by ramps being made pass through able when the tide rose on 2.1 and 2.2. This would occasionally cause ants that were pathing on them to fall and potentially re-path in a near infinite loop. This bug has been hard to replicate and hence hard to fix but special thanks to our community for helping us locate this one. Due to this we have made changes to how this works.
  • Fixed issues with creatures picking up other creatures (Interpolation should work vertically, creatures should correctly stick to the mouth and animation should play correctly during pickup)
  • Fixed an issue in Freeplay telling the player waves would spawn consecutively after 8 minutes when it should have been 12
  • Fixed a message telling the player waves would come every 5 minutes when in reality it is 6 (if you include the timer countdown)
  • Clicking the door in the lab no longer closes the game
  • Fixed an issue in Freeplay where the warning timer was not using the same calculation as the wave timer
  • All values in ant improvements are now rounded to 2 decimal places
  • Freeplay wave timer info now accurately represents the time between wave spawns and not the time from one wave spawning to the start of the next timer starting (13m setup 6m between)
  • Fixed some issues with the size of woodworm food items
  • Key presses that are meant to switch from above to below ground have been disabled in photo mode to prevent strange lighting changes
  • Fixed an issue where food could get stuck on the surface in your ant tunnel
  • Notification about the Gate mission 1 will no longer appear after you have completed it
  • Fixed an issue shrinking the areas ant could appear on the surface from the nest area
  • In game UI elements are no longer shown in photomode (Markers, chamber info ect)
  • Force player out of photomode and prevent them entering it when victory of defeat is happening
Changes / Improvements
  • Creatures will no longer pass though ramps as the tide rises falling into the water. Instead any ants assigned to markers touched by the water will be immediately sent home when the marker is dismissed
  • Beach tiger beetle larvae have been given high slow resist
  • On Queen of the Hill Challenge Mode in Easy, Normal and Hard beach tiger beetle larvae will spawn more often and increase the rate of spawns each day
  • Dead creature harvest locations and pickup locations have been more centralised, meaning ants should no longer carry woodworms within their bodies (at least less often) and harvesting should be from a more logical point of the dead creature
EDIT: Hotfix 11th January

A hotfix was released for this patch on 10th January, bringing this update to version 0.1353
  • Fixed an issue with ants staying with and repeatedly dropping a food item when all food storage was reserved, but not all food storage full
  • Uber creature resistances have been lowered
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