Campaign mode and continuing the formicarium

in the third formicarium challenge I herd that the male scientist will did up some of the formicarium. After this happens will the ants and the queen escape by the scientist dropping them or some other way? I think that this is a good idea because in the 2016 Kickstarter video the ants were out in the wild. Also this would be a way to get colony vs colony into the game. please reply more ideas and if you agree with me or not. its my birthday BTW


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I don't want to give any spoilers. We have a story arch planned to take us out of early access and I think people will enjoy the direction we take it.

Do keep in mind there have been huge changes since the Kickstarter (particularly the first one) as we learned what people wanted from the game. Development has always been community driven right from the point we released the first demo in the second Kickstarter and we expect to keep evolving going forward.