Colony vs colony

Will colony vs colony come out in the next update? I’m pretty sure it will because of this image. If so I think it would be a good idea to have a colony vs colony game mode. In the game mode like most levels you would start of in the underground and work you way up. After this there will be an other colony on the other side of the map. At first you just compete for food, than you can start directly attacking the other colony. If you kill there queen you win. It would also be a good way to use a satellite nest if your original nest was under siege. Pleas reply with more ideas or if you agree with me or not. 544A6DD3-11E3-484F-BA96-03A19EE7212F.jpeg 544A6DD3-11E3-484F-BA96-03A19EE7212F.jpeg


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It plays a part in the campaign so to an extent it will be in when the leafcutter update drops.

There is still more work to do on it before we bring it into freeplay or make a game mode for it but I do agree that it should have one. Liam put a lot of work into the colony AI but in order for it to fully think for itself it is gonna require a bit more polish.

Once the leafcutter update is out I intend to switch my focus to freeplay for a bit so we will see what comes then!


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Just dropping in to note down that while it probably isn't necessary to focus on right now, the addition of a colony VS colony game mode (especially with randomized map elements or colony setups) would infinitely boost the replay value of the game for both old and new players, as well as functioning as a the groundwork for a potential PvP in the far distant future. But I'm sure you've already thought about that, so I'll end this comment by saying that while the is obviously not in a finished state, what you have made, the love and effort you've been putting into the game and how you've been interacting with the community can only be described as stellar.