Creatures tier list

EDIT: This is just fun stuff following the tier trend.
Assuming trapjaw is 80 food (same hp but higher attack than leafcutter media) and major army ant is 120 food (2/3 of leafcutter major stat). The ratio between meelee:shooter and major:media ratio is 4:5 for balance between offense and defense.
For ant list, I have 6000 food cost of ants fight against each other, the result is in the picture for level 1. For level 3, wood ants win over army ants. Rapid fire and stunt major are inferior to their counterpart and trapjaw ants.
For creature list I have groups of ants fight against 1 largest adult creature to see the minimum cost needed to overwhelm it from the start.
F: The harmless
E: The early game threat: they are fast, frail, have runaway ability, easily oneshot worker but overwhelmed by a group of soldier
D: The generic: no ability, medium stat
C: The annoyance: medium stat, their abiities mess with your formation, or they are just way too tanky
B: The bruiser: doing great AoE damage in small range, need more ants to surround and distract them
A: The regional boss: doing great single target damage, really tanky, can heal them self by eating, need a lot of ants to bypass their abilities
S: The edge: doing massive AoE damage in large range, can deal passive damage to the attacker, decently tanky, better be avoided


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Not sure how to play this freeplay I'm in.
I chose the wood ant, I place the difficulty at easy, include all creatures, but still get defeated on the beach.
Does not matter what type of ratio I use with either the melee wood ants or the acid wood ants. The outcome is always the same.
I manage to defeat every enemy underground and then I open it up to the outside world. From there, it becomes utter disaster.
The enemy outside then form a single congo line into my nest. Usually one of the first creatures coming down the pipe is the voracious praying mantis. I am at a loss as to how to defeat this insect with my wood ants. These outside enemies just keep coming, giving me no chance to catch a break and my queen dies again.
How do I build up the colony here when I cannot go outside to forage for food?
Their attack inside my nest prevents me from doing that.
Free play for now has lots of problem with balancing early game and late game. You should probably turn off nest invasion so nothing will go into your nest. I don't know how you pick the progress bar but about 20-30% scale with colony or ramp with spike is the easiest to manage. You can control Uber creatures spawn with "scale with colony". Turn off some rainforest creatures works too. Mantises and whip spiders have acid resistance, and their long range makes wood ants useless in small number. Playing with wood ants you gonna need lots of workers early game for cheap tank, change to meelee in mid or late game.


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Firstly put the difficulty on the lowest possible, and I also recomend you put it on constant. For more of a challenge with this setting try it with fog of war or attack waves. The reason you want to do this on constant is that the difficulty will not change. And the difficulty seems to solely affect the amount of food enemies drop. So if you have like 100% or more difficulty, creatures will barely drop anything and it will be a disaster (unless you want to play this way). This is why you also want to keep the slider all the way down, at zero difficulty, so creatures drop their normal food value (though they may drop their normal value at a slightly higher difficulty, like 10%, I haven't tested it). But the difficulty setting does not affect what creatures spawn, time does. Given enough time, every single creature will spawn, even on zero difficulty. If you're playing with black ants or even wood ants alone, I recomend enabling fog of war for a bit more challenge, as well as uber creatures. This setting will probably be too easy if you're using a fully upgraded gene thief colony, so I recomend you enable attack waves with them. So in summary with difficulty slider all the way to the left, and putting the difficulty scaling thing on constant, you will fix a lot of the problems with balancing free play has, especially in the early game, where the easiest creatures will spawn, and gradually the hardest will spawn over time, all dropping normal food values.