Did someone complete the level of the hungry spider? Help.


Ants are perfect!
i´ve tried complete the hungry spider level and a cant pass the level i have already used a lot of different strattegies and i died.
The current strattegie i have used is:
1º-kill the mole kriket.
2º-kill the 4 queens.
3º-kill the crabs and ubercrab.
4º-kill the DHs and uberDH.
5º-kill the tiger bettles.
In my last attenpt i kill all the BTB but i left the uberBTB and i went to kill some wolf spiders to levelup a littlebit. and i was massacred by 2 medium 1 large wolf spider.
In upgrades i rarelly upgrade the cripling vennon i focos on the bite and the vennon strike, the devour i only upgrade when i need to restore more heal per food.
I am just wondering what the spider or narrator says when you complete the level. I have been able to get all the way to the uber wolf spider when I got clapped by him in two seconds flat. What I have learned is to stay by a food source and constantly heal while attacking ubers.