Evolution Missions

It makes me wonder, why the gene stealer ants don't need to steal genes. Maybe some small missions to get the dna of a spezies makes sense. This will also explain why the enemy ereptors in the third challange adapted other spezies then our.
The first two Missions could be verry easy... the third well im not sure what is easy to make, so I didn't wrote the events and lines for that yet.

To start a Evolution Mission you click a Button like you do starting the Formicarium Challanges.

Formica Fusca Mission:

A single Queen (same model like we saw in Queen of the Hill) walks in the outworld. Maybe it is winged at the start and we see her strip off the wings before we get back the control over our ants.

Male Scientist: "Oh whats that? A Queen Ant seems to find our Formicarium to be its perfect nesting ground. Is it swarming time?"
Female Scientist: "Close the window right now! ... What kind of Species is it?"
Male Scientist: "Hmm. It seems to be a Serviformica Fusca Queen."
Female Scientist: "This is a good chance to see how the Ereptors will deal with it."
Male Scientist: "Of course."

The Ereptor Workers will kill the Queen verry easy and harvest her flesh.

Male Scientist: "Yes. Yeaas! Slouther the Intruder my Ereptors."
Female Scientist: "What happend to the Formica Fusca Queen?"
Male Scientist: "Oh... the Ereptors made quick work whis these... Intruder."
Female Scientist: "Excellent. Go out and look for more Fusca Queens.!
Male Scientist: "Great Idea, we can use the Fuscas for our experiments, untill the Rufa colonies arrives."

Formica Rufa Mission:

Fist we have to choose, if we want rapid fire ants or mortar ants.

Male Scientist: "The Rufa Colonies have arrived."
Female Scientist: "Great. I'll put the greater one in a formicarium for later experiments. You add the Queen of the smaler one to the ereptors."
Male Scientist: "Only the Queen?"
Female Scientist: "Yes, the Rufas are verry agressive, we don't want to lose our Queen."
Male Scientist: "Yes... youre right."

We see the Hand of our male scientist and it adds a testtube to our formicarium. If we have Ants there, all under the tube get killed and all near it get stunned for six seconds.

An army of Fuscas leaves the nest. Important: If we choosed Rapid Fire they will have Rapid Fire Ants. If we Choosed Mortars they have Mortars. Like in King of the Hill a Fuca Queen follows them outside.

Male Scientist: "Its time to face a more dangerous Foe my Ereptors!"

The Fusca Army wants to invade our nest.

If they manage to kill our Queen (thats unlikely but possible).

Female Scientist: "How is our Queen?"
Male Scientist: "Oh unfortunately the Fusca Queen... managed to make a socially parasitic founding in our Ereptors Nest."
Female Scientist: "I would not have expected this. Verry interesting. Maybe we should add a full colonie next time. So the Fusca Queen won't need to use her chemic warfare."
Male Scientist: "Yes... maybe."
Female Scientist: "Prepare an other Colonie."
Male Scientist: "Of Course."

If we sloughter the Fuscas:

The Testtube gets removed.

Female Scientist: "How is our Queen?"
Male Scientist: "Verry well. She fed on the flesh of the Fusca Queen. I'm sure we will see soon some Fusca Warriors in our Colonie."
Female Scientist: "Thats wonderfull. Get prepared for our next experiments."

Atta Cephalotes Mission:

This time we have to destroy a young Atta Colonie in its own nest. Well... I'm not sure how and in wich formicarium this should happen. In the desert formicarium it might be hard to be programmed (maybe the hole part of the last two challanges must be redone?). In the rainforest this should be easier but we are at the begining to weak. Maybe we have to grind for food and territory first before start the mission?
I suggest once we unlocked all the species there will be a last 2 levels doing this. Nice suggestion!
Or maybe a thing where um, this could happen in free play so free play you don't have to sit back and stuff.