Finally back to playing this game.


May the dinosaur be with you
Beta Tester
So, I was quite early on supporting this game during its second Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately, school got a hold of me and higher education aint easy, so I didn't have the time to play. luckily, things have slowed down on the school side, so I finally have time to play again! Yay! Anyways, I think this screenshot of my Formica Fusca colony being slaughtered like animals, as both the men, women and children are devoured alongside the queen by ravenous coach horse adults and whatever the name of those digging insects is. Suffice to say I'm gonna be spending time getting back into the mindset of the colony after these grueling 8 months of constant school.

Tl:dr Finally got time to play EoTU again, so excited!