Flickering when updating tiles

Just a minor issues, however when trying to update tiles I get quite heavy flickering of the displayed dialog elements which contains the information about the tiles. Also displaying all that seems to cause a performance issue, slowing down the game. The flickering is actually quite intense and disturbing visually, even if it doesn't have much impact on the gameplay. Don't know if it is already known. If necessary I can provide additional information, if you can say what you would need.
It happens to me too, especially when there are quite a lot of tiles to show the information. It may be a bug or just your pc performance isn't that good to show that much tile information at one go.


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I also get this when there's a lot the game is trying to handle (lot of enemies or ants spawned). The same happens for HP bars, but it seems not to occur nearly as easily as it does for tile info.
I think it is much more an optimisation and handling problem here rather than really a specs problem (of course, with better specs, you won't get it that much obviously). If I would speculate I would blame the relationship queries of the tiles!


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Ok so to update you here things are looking good for the frame rate here! Matt made some changes. Before the changes bringing up the overlays would drop it from 120fps to 80fps, it is now dropping to 110fps so about a 75% saving there. He also has a couple more ideas to try to get things even better.