Formica Fusca are Fun

I have got to say, playing with black ants with beach creatures only is a great experience. The fact that I am constantly in danger of being destroyed by tiger beetles keeps me on edge. You really cannot get a footing and level three soldiers become more important, as they use less food to upkeep over time. Workers are a must and nest design is crucial.


Staff member
I always intended to include saved freeplay setups so you could just select them from a list and this sounds like a fun one. I think with the next big look at freeplay (after the leafcutter update) I think this would be a sensible direction to take this. I think all the options can be a bit overwhelming so if instead we have a list of setups then an advanced button.
I have been testing this for a very long time and I have figured out the correct set-up.
  • Starting Difficulty set at zero
  • Ramp Only as the change in difficulty
  • Beach Creatures only
  • All others are set to default
  • Both maps work, however Dunes is easier
Extra Information
Ramp with Spikes is almost impossible, as in all the cases I played with it on, I died sooner or later.
Spikes Only present a different challenge, while you could get absolutely destroyed, you may also live.
Turning off infestations caused me to actually be able to win, as it allowed for more food landmarks to spawn. I do not suggest turning off infestations unless you want a challenge, however.