Freeplay issues!

Whenever I go to start up a new freeplay game and I want to have some of the new jungle insects in it. I simply tick the box but when I go back and want to add/take away an insect, all the jungle insect boxes get unticked for some reason but the wood ones and the beach ones stay. This must be a bug because I don't know what it is! please help!


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I am trying to replicate this, can you give me steps?

If you tick All rainforest creatures that will tick them all in the advanced creature options menu, same with un-tick. If you just want some on you dont need to tick All rainforest creature, just tick the individual boxed and that will do it.
I have noticed it too. Try unticking the wood box then open up something else in the Freeplay menu, the rainforest box should also be unticked.
In the current patch, this does not seem to be fixed. But instead of unticking the box, the bugs will simply not spawn.
It does seem to work if another box is ticked, but Rainforest Creatures only is still not an option.
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