Full release game? + Campaign mode?

As a former simant player, I like the game a lot.
I do ask my self 2 things, and i will ask tham also to the developpers.
I ve tryed to look it up in the forum, but i can't find an answer to my questions.

1. When does the full release of the game will be? Will there be a kind of a campaign mode like in the former simant game? It's an amazing game, but i want to attack other colony ants? Invate nests? You know? Like we could do in simant? Will this be possible?

2. I bought this game. But i do ask myself will i have to pay the full prise again for the full release of it? (if there will be a full release)? Or can players who bought the game have a discount?

Can someone please answer my questions :) I m an addicted player :)


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1) We don't have a release date yet, by policy we only announce dates when we're sure. The next installment of the game is well under development and as soon as we know the date for that we'll post it.

2) No, once you've bought it it's yours - what's available now and all future content we release for it.