Give beech tiger larvae and funnel-web spiders stuns


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In 1.2 particularly, it's quite viable to send soldiers in at the end of the web one at a time. This will give them maximum time to, while captive, fight back, getting in as many as 3-4 hits. If the grabbed ants were stunned, however, they would be able to do very little before being killed, which would force players to actually send a lot of ants at once. Early-game, I think as much as a third of their total health in damage is dealt purely by ants that are grabbed, but I may be overestimating its impact.

The larvae have it a little better, as their high armor makes it difficult for any one ant to do much damage. It still might not be a bad idea to give them a stun, though, just to make it all the more punishing for an ant to be targeted.