Good Job with the improvements so far!/Updates!

I'm not sure why I posted this but, I am Really enjoying the new update! I'm VERY proud to EVERY team member.

Also, the free camera is awesome! Yes, that levels are set out weird but, that is mostly how every game is set up. That free camera is awesome!

It might take you a while to finish your game but it is a 3 man team, and VERY realistic, so it won't be classified as an old game if it took some time.
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The new set of levels is very good at avoiding redundancy, particularly with 3.2's unique mechanic and win condition. That, combined with the H whip spider as a very cool boss, probably makes 3.2 the best level in the game right now.

We also got a ton of new enemies, the greatest enemy variety we've ever had in a single release. Their abilities, and even their behavior, are quite varied, making them all interesting opponents. Harvestmen are probably my favorite rn, with their cheesy strategy of walking towards and then away from your lines to lure single opponents to themselves, which they then fight in isolation (uber harvestman when?).